Monday, August 4, 2014

Basics Of Rug Hooking

Look at what finally is here….. Polly's new book…

We have it in our Etsy store.  Polly's book is 126 pages (in both English and French) of lessons on how to start rug hooking.  There are 11 projects, lots of great photos, and a DVD with demonstrations by Polly.  

If that isn't exciting enough, we have the Tulip Hiroshima needles back in stock.  We also added a few more varieties….
Quilting needles in the unbelievable size of 13

We had a special request for these tapestry needles for cross stitch.

Piecing needles. Can't wait to try these

Slender, sharp patchwork pins with a glass head.  There are 60 in a test tube.

Those are in addition to the quilting size 10, milliners, appliqué 10 & 11 that we already have stocked.  I also heard that the long awaited hoops should be here tomorrow.  I'll be sending out those orders tomorrow afternoon - all of you who have waited patiently.  I will also be stocking the Etsy store with more of them tomorrow.  Thanks everyone.



Michele Minick Bashore said...

Aunt Polly, Congratulations on your new book! Your quilts and rugs are truly beautiful and enjoyable to look at. I just retired from Delta Airlines so I'm looking forward to staying home and possibly start quilting as my new hobby. I was happy to see that Jim finally retired from the Marine Corps. Please give him a hug and kiss for me and let him and Heidi know that I truly appreciate his all of the year's of commitment and service to keep our Country and citizens safe. Love to all. Michele

Anonymous said...

I love the lexington fabric! Just got my first look/see. BUTTTTTTTTTTTTT, where is the red?

NancyB said...

Polly's new book is sold out! Will you be getting more? Thank you - Nancy

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