Thursday, July 24, 2014

Thursday Announcements

Pay Attention! There is lots of info here.  :)

First of all, let's post a better picture of Polly, her family, and her lovely rug from last week's celebration.

From left to right - they are John Minick, Jim Minick, Polly, Tom Minick and Jeff Minick.

This is what I have been working on.  I'm ANXIOUSLY waiting for 2 quilts to get back from Kari, my long-armer.  She is basting them and I can't wait to hand quilt them.  In the meantime, I picked up this old chestnut that has been hanging around.  It is for no purpose other than my pleasure in making it.  The pattern is Love Letters from Blackbird Designs book - When the Cold Wind Blows.  I believe the book is out of print.  You have been warned (but they sold a ton of them - maybe you have it in your stash).

I'm piecing the border right now.  It should be done shortly.  I wanted a border - something kind of dramatic to work with this energetic quilt.  BUT - the quilt is already 84" square without the border - so a small, dramatic border was called for.  You'll see, very soon.

The fabric I used is ancient in the quilt fabric world.  I think it was from over 7 years ago.  It was Folklore by Whistler Studios for Windham fabrics.  It's long gone. Believe me, I've looked. I used every inch of the blue I had.  I have no idea how I'm going to quilt it. Any thoughts??

What else? I'm vending this weekend at the Greater Ann Arbor Quilt Show.  You can find all the info HERE.

I'll have books, patterns, what-nots, and lots and lots of Minick and Simpson fabric.  Yes - yardage! I have lots of bolts from cutting kits.  2 yards here - 10 yards there….. lots and lots from Grant Park, Midwinter Reds, Indigo Crossing, Independence Trail, and many more.  The yardage is priced to sell as the bolts are taking over a corner of the dining room.  There is enough on many bolts for the backs of quilts.  Here's your chance to stock up.  Prints will be $6.00 per yard and wovens - at a  CRAZY price of $4.00 per yard.

See you there!



Pam said...

Wow Laurie! Lots of gorgeousness in those pics!! The Minick family looks so happy :) I love your Black Bird Designs quilt - I've often wondered if designers made quilts from patterns and fabrics by other designers - lol - I should know better! And, it breaks my heart that I can't come to Ann Arbor and help relieve you of your overflow. Just. Killing. Me. Hope you have a wonderful time!!

Sharon said...

First of all…I love the quilt you are working on. I have that book in my stash and it is one of my bucket list quilts.
Second…I can't wait to find you at the quilt show. I love your fabric, and look forward to the possibility of getting some at such great prices!

Vicky said...

Wish I were there! With a 18-wheeler! To help you get rid of your yardage! I'm just saying!

Janet said...

What a beautiful applique top! A fun top to consider how to quilt. If you're thinking small stitches I'd go with outlining the applique and then a simple crosshatch. But it could also be fun to big stitch quilt adding shapes/motifs with red or yellow pearl cotton. I look forward to seeing your border and how you decide to quilt it - not to mention the 2 quilts away being basted. You have vastly more experience quilting than I do and I'm always learning something from your blog :0) Would so love to visit your booth and grab a few yards of fabric. I'm running very short on Independance trail blue for a current project... I'm sure you will be very busy at the show!

vwquilter said...

Love your sense of humor almost as much as your fabric...please don't take it personal! Your quilt postings do nothing but motivate me to try things I may not have otherwise. I too am fortunate to have in my possession Blackbirds book and have BOM kits in Civil War fabrics so the outcome will be totally different...can't wait to get that quilt underway...right after I finish the other 250+ projects already in progress.

Anonymous said...

Laurie or Polly - could you email me the family pics from this post and the previous - would love to have copies of them - email address is Thanks muchly.

Jeanne said...

Message for Polly, I would love some info. on Norwood Hoops. I have one and am wanting to learn more about them and have heard you are the expert.

you can email me at

Mcm said...

Ditto the recent post on the hoops, any update on the back order would be greatly appreciated.

MaryLiz (Quiltrageous) said...

This year was the first time I ever went to the GAAQG show -- do you believe it? I must have missed one part of the show. I never saw your booth. I thought I had seen everything, but then, I had promised hubby 'not even a fat quarter.' I would have lost my resolve completely if I had run into you.

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