Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Lexington and Crazy For Red Winners

I'm boxing up fabric right and left.  The winner of the Lexington Fat Quarter Bundle is….


The winners of the Crazy For Red Scraps are…

Cindy P



I've emailed Elaine and Martha, but Cindy P and Laurel, please contact me HERE and I'll get your boxes out to you,

The UPS guy has worn out my driveway and the staff at the local post office know me pretty well.
What's another few boxes?  I shipped 4 quilts yesterday to Kari.  I'll get 2 back only basted and I'm really looking forward to hand quilting them.  One I showed on the blog a couple days ago - the new Zip Code quilt using Crazy For Red fabric.

The other is my Mrs. Billings quilt! It's done! The top anyway…..
Here she is - finally pressed and getting folded up to go into the box.  I pressed it with the ironing board up against the dining room table to take all the bulk and weight of it.  It's big and it's heavy. Nothing like a big 'ol quilt on your lap for July and August.  Maybe I didn't think this through?

Remember what I said about my phone/camera not talking to my computer? They still aren't speaking.  It looks like a visit to the Genius Bar is in order.  It will be bad enough without my computer for a day or two - I sure hope they don't need to keep my phone.  How will I manage? Will the sun still rise in the morning?  Think of me, won't you?

Still some more stuff all packaged up….. Polly asked me to remember to take a photo of the Austin Bluebird Sampler Block of the Month - Month 1 all packaged up.  I forgot until I was on my way to the post office.  Here they are in the back of my car.

I'm at a stop light, taking a picture, with that selfie/backwards function on the camera.  So, yes, if you signed up the Austin Bluebird, your first package went out today.

Zip Code and a couple other patterns will show up soon in our Etsy store.  I'll post more later, but it's getting pretty late.



Janet said...

Yipee! You finished Mrs Billings - It looks BEAUTIFUL!! I'm so curious to see how you handquilt it. A big ol quilt on your lap in July and August might be a bit warm but can you resist?? I know I can't :0) Looking forward to seeing more of your Crazy for Red quilts!

moosecraft said...

Mrs Billings looks gorgeous! Looking forward to seeing the quilting! My project plate is clear and ready for the Austin Bluebird start! :-)

Sharon said...

Congrats on Mrs billings, what an amazing quilt. So thrilled to hear you are hand quilting this baby, it's going to be amazing

MJinMichigan said...

Congratulations on finishing your Mrs. Billings top! I'm amazed by how quickly you pieced it.
I can't wait to see which block we start the Austin Bluebird with. I'm looking forward to the first kit arriving so I can get started.

Shannon Wallace said...

Congratulations to the winners!!! And oh, how I love Mrs. Billings!!! She is spectacularly beautiful, and reminds me of a very, very old-fashioned quilt. Totally my style of quilt. Perhaps when I get better at quilting I shall give it a try. :)

Janet said...

Envious congrats to the winners! On the plus side, my Austin Bluebird arrived today (whoohoo!).

Mrs. Billings is amazing! Congrats to you!

Janny said...

Austin Bluebird arrived! You know how to make this girl smile!

Anonymous said...

I emailed you my address from my phone when we were on vacation in SD. I am so excited to have won the fat quarter bundle!!! Just in case you did not get the email, here is my address:

9355 S. 93 E. Ave.
Tulsa, OK 74133

Elaine Wibben

Anonymous said...

I received the fat quarter bundle today--very fast delivery --- thank you!!!! This bundle is fabulous!!!! Can't wait to use it and thank you very much once more!! Elaine

momto1 said...

Oh, THANK YOU for posting the Mrs Billings pic. This is really encouraging me to get going with mine. Santa brought me the templates and pattern from your Etsy site at Christmas, and I've barely started. MUST get a move on. Yours is soooo gorgeous.

***the "prove you're not a robot" text is my house address...this is a sign...

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