Sunday, July 20, 2014

Family Celebration

Summer is a good time for family celebrations, isn't it? Bill and I ventured out on a road trip last week.  We meandered through Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, and Kansas.  There was even time to stop at a couple of quilt shops on the way. It isn't a real road trip unless you do that - am I right??

The reason for the trip? Polly's son Colonel James Minick retired from the USMC.
Jim is the tall one on the left

 The ceremony took place at the WWI Museum at Liberty Memorial in Kansas City.  It was a beautiful, moving, ceremony.

Afterwards the Marines and guests ate wonderful home-made tacos from a truck that pulled right up to the park beside the monument.
 One of the guests was Jim's long time best friend Jim Harbaugh. Jim H. has a job on the west coast that  keeps him busy. He kept connected to work via his cell phone. Many, many hilarious stories were told about young Jim and Jim.
 Polly and her other sons - Jeff and John presented Jim with this rug that Polly made for him.
Here is Jim with his wife Heidi and their children Grant and Emily. We all wish him the best in his retirement and we thanked him for his service.

*If you were waiting on Tulip Hiroshima needles from me - they will be shipped out tomorrow.  They are back in stock (almost all of them) in out Etsy store.  




Miss Jean said...

Please convey my wishes for a wonderful retirement and my gratitude for his service to James. Our son is a Lieutenant in the Navy and recently retired as well so I know the pride the family has as well as the sacrifices they have made.

The Michigonians said...

Congratulations to Polly's son, Jim on his retirement from USMC. Thank him for his service to our country in keeping us safe. And to you and Polly...enjoy your summer.

Vicky said...

Thank you for your service, sir. Congratulations and best wishes!

kshackabq said...

Congratulations, Jim, and thank you!

Pat said...

Please thank Polly's son Jim for his dedication in service to our country. Love your understated way of saying Jim H has a busy job on the west coast!

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Polly must be so happy to have her son retired from the military! Love the rug and Jim H. Is from our area in Ohio! Congratulations to all!!

susiefloozie said...

How wonderful! Let Jim know that we are grateful for his service!

suz said...

Congratulations to Jim! Thank you for your service and sacrifices and thank you to your family for their sacrifices as well.

woolwoman said...

Congratulations to Jim and his family on a job well done. We appreciate his service to our country. What a beautiful family Polly has. Love the rug. Hope summer is enjoyable for all of the M&S gang. Melody

SharoninStitches said...

Please let your nephew know how grateful this nation is for his service. Thank you for allowing us to share a little in the moment. Beautiful family! (Jim H.? - ha!) d

Jo said...

Congratulations to Jim on his retirement and a very warm thank you for his years of service to our country. Also thanks to his family for years of sacrifice and to Polly a big yahoo !, he's retired!!! Enjoy family time and the rest of the summer!
Jo Wick

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