Sunday, June 22, 2014

Sunday Update

While some of us are having a slow, lazy Sunday…...
Gibby hogging the ottoman

I am plugging away at some chores.  

First off, I want to thank all the ladies at the Genesee Star Quilt Guild for a exciting lecture and trunk show.  What a great afternoon, ladies! 

Second of all I want to update you all on the hoop situation.  I quickly sold out of the hoops I had here and ordered all that I could from the warehouse.  Those sold out too. Those hoops should arrive here in Ann Arbor in 1-3 days and your orders will go out then.  I re-ordered from the warehouse and they are back ordered.  Hopefully they will be here in a week or two.  I took down the hoops form the Etsy store until there are back in stock.  Keep watching here and I'll post when we are again - knee deep in hoops.

I am also working on a future project - one of our new patterns for a line that will come out this fall…..

This is my "in progress" photo. Not very exciting, is it?  I'll show these quilt tops soon.  I don't want to get to ahead of ourselves as Lexington isn't in shops yet. (It will be soon!!!).

So - to keep you informed - Lexington, our indigo and cream collection, will be in stores in August

These are the Lexington patterns…..

And the mysterious red and cream collection (with the same shades as Midwinter Reds!) will be showing here shortly.  Whew.  Can you keep up?

That's about it for this Sunday.  Have a great one!



Gloria said...

Did I miss it in an earlier blog...what is that beautiful red and white quilt? Did you make it? The pattern name? I love red and white quilts.


Ginger said...

These are all beautiful, and I am looking forward to seeing your new fabrics and patterns.
I was also hoping to know the name of the pattern in the top red/white quilt that Gibby is reclining on.

Minick and Simpson said...

Gibby is laying on a quilt made from a cheater cloth from our Flag Day Farm collection. The fabric is long gone now. The cheater cloth was made from an antique quilt that Polly owns.

Ginger said...

Thank you! I guess that means some drafting is in my future! :-)

Mary A said...

Please stop over-working that dog! Poor Gibby! From the looks of him, he's worked half-to-death;) Love the two color designs.

augustus' mom said...
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