Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Austin Bluebird Update

Whew! That was a busy day.  Over half of the subscriptions for the Austin Bluebird Sampler sold out on the first day.  I don't expect this to be open by the weekend.   

Don't despair. If you miss out on our exclusive Block of the Month (all of the same fabrics from Grant Park, Lexington, Crazy For Red, and Bella Solids - just like mine) - the pattern bundle will be available at your favorite quilt shop later in the fall.  

 If you want to join our Block of the Month - here is the LINK.  

Or go to www.minickandsimpson.com and find it there.  Sorry, but right now we can't have "subscriptions" in our Etsy store.  It's just not an option there, but all 12 patterns for Austin Bluebird Sampler will eventually be found there - when we get the last ones proofread and printed  :)

If it does sell out quickly, the good news is that the first mailing will edge up a bit - I can ship out the first installment around the 1st week of July.

Keep watching here.  We should have other goodies to go along with the Austin Bluebird Sampler Quilt.  I'm talking about threads, needles, even quilting hoops - should you be so inclined.


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Pam said...

This is going to be so fun! Can't start soon enough for me :) I have missed out on every Minick and Simpson BOM EVER and I'm so glad I jumped on this one!

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