Friday, May 2, 2014

Friday Catch-up

Hello All! We hope all is well with you.  Let's see…. what have we to report….
Gibby wants you to know that he is on duty.  The squirrel patrol is a never-ending thankless job, but he is ON IT.

Polly is back in the states and packing and getting ready for another trip.  Family calls this time as a visit to Kansas will encompass son Jim's retirement from the USMC and 3 grandchildren graduating from High School. Busy, busy, busy.

I'm getting ready myself for Pittsburgh in 2 weeks for International Quilt Market.  Yes, it's that time again.  Everything is mostly done except for a quilt that I am hand quilting.  I am also going to demonstrate Big Stitch hand quilting at market using this quilt - 2 birds - one stone.

So, in a bit of a change for my usual hand quilting….. I am quilting the border first.  I will then sew on the binding - then finish the Big Stitch hand quilting in the middle while demonstrating at Quilt Market.  I know. Breaking all the quilting rules.  It is true what they say - once you know the rules, you then know when you can break them.

This is the strange melange of quilting here……. the flying geese in the middle of the hoop is the border/outer edge of the quilt.  The busy fabric on the bottom of the hoop is the backing.  Once the quilt is trimmed to the outside edge of the quilt - the excess backing will be cut away.

True Blue
This is how the finished quilt will look.

Why do I do it this way?  Well, because I quilt in a hoop.  If I have the extra batting and backing - this is what I do….  I cut the batting 5" bigger all the way around.  The top is 48" square, so the batting is 58" square.  Then I cut the backing 10" bigger all the way around - so the backing is 68" square.   Once I baste the quilt top - especially all around the outer edge (this is important).  I fold the backing up over the excess batting which gives me a fabric covered batting that is 5" bigger all the way around the basted quilt.
This lets me put the quilt - all the way to the very edge - in the hoop that I like to use.  Easy peasy.

Once the quilt is quilted and the excess batting and backing cut away - the extra backing goes into my scrap box.  This is another example of why my scrap box will never empty.

What else…. I'm sitting here this afternoon, stitching and waiting for a delivery truck.  Yes, today is New Sofa Day!! New Sofa Day is a wonderful holiday that we celebrate here every once in awhile.

Have a great weekend.

Gee, it almost seems like …..well, 19 years since the last New Sofa Day.  Time flies.



Anonymous said...

The quilts are beautiful and the dog is huge !!! I hope to see your new sofa and will Gibby take it from you first , that is the question ?

Vicky said...

The quilt is gorgeous. The pattern cover looked dark to me, but these pictures have me drooling! Gibby is such a handsome fellow! I know you feel safe from squirrels when he's on watch!

Janet said...

Happy New Sofa Day!! I was wondering if you were going to handquilt one of your Lexington quilts. The texture will be wonderful with all those gorgeous prints! Love the backing fabric too :0)

PamKittyMorning said...

NEW SOFA DAY!! Shout it from the rooftops! i hope we will eventually get a photo, because i have been wanting a new sofa but just can't commit.

Gibby looks fabulous. what a fine looking fellow he is. I am down to one dog now, its the quiet one, and she sleeps all day waiting for Bret to get home and dreaming of french fries I am sure. She's given up on the squirrels.

The quilt is fabulous. I am sorry I won't see you at market, sitting this one out. I'll be in Houston, so will look forward to catching up with you there, I hope you will be in attendance as well!

susiefloozie said...

True Blue looks stunning. I too quilt in a hoop and I love your idea about folding the backing over the batting on front. Great tip! Thanks!

Karen in Breezy Point said...

Love True Blue-- the fabrics look awesome!

Susan W said...

Your quilting tip is much appreciated. Always pays to think it out and then cut backing.Man you have a big dog! We have a big lab but that photo of Gibby makes him looks very large. I can't wait to get a FQ bundle of Lexington. Wish I could be at Sample Spree next week to get one or two. Have fun in Pittsburgh! The weather is looking good there.

Buckeye Quilter said...

Thanks for the hoop instructions. I love the fabrics too. Congrats on the new sofa. Gibby looks just like Gracie, the dog next door.

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