Sunday, April 13, 2014

Spring is Here!

No there are no lilacs blooming yet, but it won't be long.  One day it was winter and the next day it was spring.  No easing into the next season gradually around here.  Until they do bloom, I will get in the spring frame of mind with my lilac candle - a souvenir from Paris last year.  

It is heavenly.  Polly is getting ready to go back to France next week.  Let's hope she remembers to take lots of pictures! (hint. hint)  Polly will be in Nantes for the Pour l'Amour du fil.  She'll be vending and teaching a couple of rug hooking classes.  

I was at the Michigan Rug Artists Show yesterday and had a great time.  I do have some wool left.  So if any of you penny rug people or rug hookers are interested….

Blue Herringbone
Blue and Cream herringbone

Red Plaid

Cream and blue windowpane

They are all in out Etsy shop.

On Tuesday I will be in Holland Illinois at the Heritage Quilters Guild of South Suburbia 
to do a lecture and trunk show.  

So you can see… spring is quite busy here. It's so busy that Bill is doing a bit of the Spring Cleaning (without me).  Let's all give Bill a big hand for being such a good sport, shall we?



Vicky said...

Do you hire him out?!! Yes, Polly, take lots of pictures - and get lots of presents for Laurie!

WoolenSails said...

I wish my Bill would do some spring cleaning, lol. Our lilacs are just starting to bud, so won't be long.


PamKittyMorning said...

ahh spring. I almost missed my lilacs , the scent thru the open windows was how I knew they were blooming. They came and went so fast. i hope yours last, you guys deserve it!

Miss Jean said...

One of my fondest memories growing up in Battle Creek are my grandmother's lilac bushes.

Anonymous said...

Dear Laurie, was the candle worth the money ?? I just saw them at 60 dollars a shot , a little votive wow!Diptyque -

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