Monday, March 10, 2014

It's Melting!

After a wonderful weekend in Texas I'm back home in Michigan.  There was family, Moda, and the Dallas Quilt Show. It was grand and a good time was had by all.

The sun is shining all over the Polar Vortex ravaged midwest.  The dozen snowstorms we had are starting to melt.  I would try to describe the state of our backyard, but some of you may be eating.  All I will say is this: A dozen snowstorms, most of the winter was below zero, everything froze solid, and a healthy dog.

Enough of that.  I'm frantically back at work making quilts with our Lexington fabric.

To celebrate all this Spring Fever…. we are having a sale in our Etsy shop.  All of our kits are on sale 20%off.  Just enter the code KITS20 when you check out.  

The sale will last until the first day of Spring!! - March 20, 2014 at midnight.  Here are the 4 kits that we have….
Play It Again Kit

Zinnia Pillow Kit


1868 Quilt



Shannon Wallace said...

Oh Laurie! Drool!!! I love Lexington! Is it in stores yet?

Woolwoman said...

Lexington is fabulous!!!!!! How is the Quaker stocking coming along??

JoAnne said...

Lexington has me drooling. I can't wait! We lived in Alaska for 4 years... with a dog. I know what you are in for this spring!

Sharon said...

Watching the snow melt yesterday made my heart sing.
And then….the weather report told me that there was MORE SNOW on the way. AAARRRRGH!
Looking forward to a Lexington fabric fix.

sillyewe said...

Wow, Lexington is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!

So how did you like the Dallas show? I went Sat and Sun and had a ball. I had a quilt hanging in the show. :0) Came away with a new sewing machine to boot. hahaha Wasn't really expecting it…but you have to move when the timing (and the price) is right, right? ha!

Lauraloves2quilt said...

Hi Laurie! Glad to hear you are finally getting a break in the weather department! Just wanted to let you know that your new fabric line, Lexington, is just so beautiful!!! Your fabrics are always among my most favorite!! Can't wait to see what quilts will be lucky enough to have these great fabrics in them :o) Many blessings,
Laura - Orange, California

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