Saturday, February 15, 2014

Stars and Bars Kit Winner

Thank you Everyone! We sure wish we could provide kits for all your suggestions.  All your comments moved us and you continue to inspire us.

 Twyla - Email us HERE and we'll get the kit right out to you.



SandyG said...

Dear Twyla, This will be a beautiful quilt in memory of the precious young men that gave the ultimate sacrifice. Please know that we will not forget them and will always honor them. SandyG.

Minick and Simpson said...

I totally agree - each and every entry moved us and we wish we had enough bunting for everyone - so many deserving!
If you can read all those entries and not cloud up, you are one tough cookie
Thanks all for writing - keep watching for more prizes in future

Miss Jean said...

Thank you to Polly for agreeing to do this giveaway. I am thrilled beyond measure that this kit will be going to the family of one of our military heros. I'm a Navy mom and all of the comments moved me to tears and touched my heart.

Twyla, please give my heartfelt thank you to your son for his sacrifice and service.

Miss Jean said...

Woops, I meant to say, "Thank you to Polly and Laurie."

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