Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Polly And I Are Actually In The Same State

Polly and I are vending at the Charlotte Harbor Convention Center in Punta Gorda Florida today and tomorrow (Wednesday and Thursday). Come see us! 


Sherrill said...

That is NOT NICE!! Teasing those who are BURIED under feet of snow! (not me, just a little chilly here) Wish I could come..have fun!!

Pam said...

Looks WARM :)

Vicky said...


Tina said...

Believe me, if I was anywhere on the East coast, I would be first in line!!! ;o)
Lucky, lucky folks that are in Florida!!!

SandyG said...

Perfect timing! As you probably know it has gotten colder here in Michigan again. Enjoy!

Margs Primitive Quilts said...

Very cold here in Ontario also. Would love to be there with you!
Have fun!!

Ter'e said...

I had so hoped to come and see you two, but came down with a terrific cold. I know Julie would not have appreciated me coming down, into the hookin, being sick.
You two are just the cutest!!!!!
Nothing like having a COLD in Florida.
Hope you had a great time.

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