Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Houston was grand!  Most of the usual suspects showed up.  There were a few missing - you know who you are. When we weren't conducting quilt business we were laughing. A lot.

This was our little spot on Moda Row......
Let me introduce you to some of our neighbors..... (if you are not included it meant the photo was so bad, it was unrecognizable)
 Deb Strain was our neighbor and this was her booth. She is a good neighbor. Deb is kind of like the female version of Mr. Rogers.  Deb is kind to everyone and everyone loves Deb. It's good to be in Deb Strain's neighborhood.
 On the other side of Deb was Basic Grey.  They are busy, busy ladies. (You have to take my word for it since I don't have any picture of the actual lovely ladies - just the Little Black Dress II collection).  Yum.
 This is Mr. Figueroa of Fig Tree Quilts. You would think from the photo that Mr. Figueroa doesn't do much. You would be wrong - He and Joanna are quite the team. (Sorry about this photo, Eric)
 This was my view from our booth - one of Edyta's new quilts from Laundry Basket Quilts. It used her new collection - Jelly Beans. It is another one of Edyta's amazing quilts.  I knew there was a reason I was saving a box full of 1/2" squares - now I know what to do with them!!!!!
 This was Polly's and my favorite quilt from market - Sandy Klop's new quilt for American Jane.  We loved it.  It uses her Ducks In A Row fabric collection.
 There was a whole nautical type theme going on there in Houston.  As you can see, a rogue crab came up to our dinner table and absconded with a new designer.
 Then the scary pirate Captain Outlaw threatened to make us walk the plank.
 Oh good! The new designer escaped the clutches of the giant rogue crab and had a booth next to us. Whew! This is Janet Clare from the UK.  She was showing her new collection - Hearty Good Wishes. We loved her. We talked about tea, British TV crime serials, driving with spouses, and the new Royal baby.
 This is Mr. Roskelley. He is helping out the talented and charming Camille Roskelley of Thimbleblossoms.
 This here is Doug Leko of Antler Quilt Designs. Doug is a long time veteran of Quilt Market. Really! (I bet you have noticed I took more pictures of men then women. Sue me.)  He is also one of the best neighbors there.  We love Doug. We are not alone. Doug has a way of charming all the quilt ladies.

Oh, that's about enough for today isn't it?  We had fun. We did business! We lived to tell about it.  Thanks everyone at Moda and United Notions for making it so easy.


Thursday, October 24, 2013

Bags Are Packed

We have an early wake-up call and then we're off to Houston.  I'll be in the convention center by noon and //fingers crossed// the booth will be set up by 1pm.  We don't kid around.

I'll have my trusty iPhone on me at all times for impromptu picture taking.  Light a candle for me - that I learn how to take photos - asap.

If you place an order on our website now through Tuesday - I won't be able to ship until Tuesday evening.

Follow all the Moda Designers on their blogs, their instagram accounts and twitter!!


Sunday, October 20, 2013

Peppermint Twist and Candy Cane Bouquet

Peppermint Twist
Polly and I have a couple of projects in the new issue of Primitive Quilts and Projects.  Above is Polly's hooked rug and this is my little quilt.

Candy Cane Bouquet

If you don't already subscribe to this magazine - you can go here to do so.  My little quilt uses wool and ticking scraps - things you probably already have on hand, but the background is a wonderful Moda fabric called Grunge Basics from Basic Grey.  I have some of this fabric and if you want this lovely neutral for your quilt - you can get it here on our Etsy shop.

What else is going on?  I am finishing up another wool project this weekend.  This is the Sailor Penny Rug from our (unfortunately out of print book) Everyday Folk Art.  It's made from a salvaged WWII wool Navy blanket and was commissioned by a customer.


Thursday, October 10, 2013

Autumn Aromas

Leaves burning (if you can still do that)..... cinnamon, wood smoke....  I will even mention "pumpkin" that has infiltrated all of our foodstuff.  But the best aroma?......
A is for Apple............


Monday, October 7, 2013

Liberty Road Kit Winner!

The winner of the Liberty Road kit is Patti - who said.....

I LOVE October! I can bring out all my fall quilts. I LOVE their colors. I love October baseball too, though it has been WAY too long since our Seattle Mariners participated. I really miss our retired stars! As far as finishing quilts goes - I'm stitching the binding on the fourth quilt to be finished this past week - hooray! Then I have only 13 small tops to baste for hand quilting!

I sure hope I win 

Patti - email me HERE and it will go out to you asap!

Thanks everyone


Thursday, October 3, 2013


This fall has been outstanding!  The weather has been glorious, the leaves are beginning to change and a certain baseball team is still playing.  This morning Gibby, and his best friend Clara and I sat outside and watched the leaves flutter down.  Two of us watched squirrels while the other one of us checked emails and twitter on their phone.

The kitchen is back to normal and all the chaos has been put back into kitchen cupboards.  Being married to a cabinetmaker does have some advantages.  I am tending to many projects that had been stalled while I finished the Grant Park quilts for Quilt Market.  All 4 quilts are quilted, bound and washed  //dislocates shoulder while patting self on the back//.

While I made lists and organized shelves in the sewing room I came across this........

What that is - is a complete kit to make the Liberty Road quilt....

Liberty Road is a quilt made from our Charlevoix fabric collection.  It was designed and named after the famous Liberty Jack quilt that is in the Victoria & Albert museum in London.  That one had Union Jack flags - ours, of course has an adaptation of the American flag.  It was also named after one of the main roads here in Ann Arbor - Liberty.  Liberty is getting a lot more use lately as it is 2 blocks from my house and runs parallel to the street I live on - Miller.  Miller has been an experience this spring/summer/fall.  We are in the 7th month of the "repaving".  I could say more, but I won't.  What I will say is that this Liberty Road kit is going to live at one of your homes.  

Just make a comment here about fall, or dogs, or finishing quilts, or post season baseball, or dust, or noise - and make that comment before Sunday October 6th at midnight - and you could be the new owner.


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