Saturday, July 27, 2013

Grant Park and Playing Card Winners!

Thanks everyone for all your "escape" ideas.  There were lots of good ones.  It doesn't seem that we need a week or 10 days away at a spa - but sometimes just an afternoon with no phones or deadlines, and maybe something cool to drink.  All of your ideas were great to read.

The winner of the Grant Park Jelly Roll™and playing cards is Glynette

The winner of the Grant Park Charm Pack™and playing cards is Debby who said  "It is nice to have a few hours all by myself. I love to ride out of town and turn the radio on to whatever station I want to listen to - or not turn it on at all."

The winner of the Grant Park Candy™ and the pack of quilty playing cards is Helen - who likes to getaway to nearby Whidbey Island.

Ladies, email me here and your goodies will go out promptly.

The dog days of August are almost upon us..... don't forget to treat yourself to a little time off.



Lisa said...

Congratulations to the three lucky ladies to get a up close preview of Grant Park precuts!

Helen said...

Thanks so much! I'm so happy to win! Can't wait to see Grant Park and the playing cards.

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