Friday, July 19, 2013

Ann Arbor Art Fair 2013

The last couple days I've been working on new quilts to showcase our fabric collection Grant Park. (Someone asked when it would be available - not until spring of 2014.)  We are busting our knuckles to get the quilts designed so we can get a catalog ready to show to shop owners.  We've been feeling the time crunch and I turned into Miss Crankypants yesterday from my 15 hour work day.  I was then told by several people to take a break.  Okay. Message received.

I got up early, got on the bus to view part of the Ann Arbor Art Fair this morning.  Like most Art Fairs - it was beautiful, inspiring, and HOT.  I usually go the first morning, but didn't get there until the 3rd day this year.  I like to go before a lot of people are there.  Unfortunately, this year most of all the booths were locked up tight and no early views were available.  Also, there were many "No Photography" signs.  Heh, I hardly call my self a photographer, but anyway.....
I started at the far edge on South University and walked back to the bus station.  South University is the original, and oldest part of the Art Fair, and it's always where the best stuff is.  

These are shibori dyed silk scarved by Betsy Giberson.  They were exquisite.

These charming paintings of birds and dogs are by Candace Compton Pappas

Energetic street scenes by Roger Disney. This particular one of State Street in Ann Arbor was being sold in a silent auction. 

The Ann Arbor Pottery Guild always shows on the steps of Hill Auditorium. 

The THING this year at Art Fair..... Wine Slushies.  Not too much of a crowd at 10am.

And what would be Art Fair without the quintessential Ann Arbor treat - a Berry Patch at Afternoon Delight.  It's sort of healthy and sort of decadent.  Frozen yogurt with fresh raspberries, blueberries and strawberries. Can you believe I've actually had requests for the annual Art Fair report? Yes-sir-eety.  I guess you folks haven't had your fill of bad photography, but here it is for another year, now back to sewing.



SharoninStitches said...

I love Ann Arbor so much. Thanks for the update! (Go Tigers)

Mimi said...

Where are all the hoards of people? You usually can't even see the booths for all the people there. I know that each year the fair is soooo hot!!!, but this year has to be an exception. It's a cooker here in MI.

moosecraft said...

I'll have a wine slushee with my Berry Patch pleaseeeeeese! :-)

I really don't understand the no photography... it's free advertising... especially if you include their website info?

antique quilter said...

I loved going to the art fair when I lived in Novi. look forward to it and in the winter seeing the ice sculptures in Plymouth ...
thanks for sharing

Teri said...

This is one way this Michigonian can see the Art Fair...through your pics. Thanks for attending and giving us a peek.

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