Thursday, January 31, 2013

Pre-Order our Indigo Revival Kit

We are going to have a limited supply of the Indigo Revival applique kits.  You can find them HERE on our website.  I'm posting this while cruising the Caribbean and I expect to have the fabric soon after I get home.  So, for right now, I can't answer any emails until I get back.  Ta-ta for now.


Thursday, January 24, 2013


Independence Trail Wool Penny Rug
Are you looking for a little hand work to stitch while the cold wind blows?  Maybe a nice small project for that sporting event that's coming up next weekend?  Clink on the link above and get the pdf directions for this wool penny rug that uses our Independence Trail wool collection.

Keep warm


Saturday, January 19, 2013

Préparez Pour Expédier

That title is French.  It means "Ready to Dispatch" - or ready to mail.  That is our goal in the next few weeks.  We are getting kits ready for our workshops in Nantes France.

Here is what Polly has been working on.....

She has made lots of "little" kits for France - because of both shipping concerns and that the participants want to work on small projects.  You can email Polly here if you have any questions about them......


Thursday, January 17, 2013

Am I Blue?

Polly's house
Just a little.  We are waiting on our newest fabric line to ship to quilt shops.  It will be soon.  Very soon, but until then how about a little indigo to put us in the mood.  Polly's house is always in the mood.  When you still need a little more blue - you can go shopping

Adelaide dishes - photo courtesy of  

photo courtesy of DesignSponge
If you are like us - you are always on the look out for vintage blue and white textiles.  The more the merrier.  Online shopping for blue is fun - look what we found at Etsy.
A vintage girls sailor dress from Etsy

These things will comfort us until we get our hands on this.  We'll have more blues and some give-aways when it ships.  Keep watching.
Indigo Crossing by Minick and Simpson for Moda Fabrics
In the meantime...... what in the heck is going on here?!  This isn't blue!  Nope, but it does get you in the mood for spring.  I'm packing kits for the workshop in France.  We're counting down the days to that too.


Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Almost Wordless Wednesday

Polly and I are juggling projects.  Right now I have 5 different projects all in different stages.  Most all are dependent on the mailman at the moment.  I'm waiting on thread to finish 2 different ones and fabric on 2 others.  The other one just has to wait in line.  What to do when you are waiting??  Well, you can add another border onto Mrs. Billings.

Karen Styles posted another Mrs. Billings today on her blog here.



Thursday, January 3, 2013

First Post of '13

So, this is the first post of the year '13.  Nothing unlucky about that, right?  Heh.  More about that later.

How has the new year treated you?  Very well we hope.  After the family, friends, and festivities were over it was back to the grind.  I actually got all the paperwork ready for the CPA, with lots of time to spare.  All that is needed to be done is inventory.  Don't ask.

I have about 5 projects all in different states of completion and no pictures at all to show you.  (Why do you even stop by and read this blog - with all the non-pictures of projects?  Sorry.)

The next thing on the agenda is the Moda Quilting Extravaganza Cruise at the end of January!!!

Pretty cool, eh?  Yes it is.  It's put on by Stitching Heaven and they have many more of this type of thing.   Go check it out.  This is my first cruise.  It's very exciting.  We (Barb, Mary, Carrie, and I) were asked to do this last year.  Barb and Mary had done it before and had wonderful things to say about it.  I had to be enticed.  It's not that I'm fearful (Oh, okay I was).  It's just that right after we agreed that awful thing happened in Italy with that other cruise ship.  (Totally different company, different ocean, and different despicable captain!).  This event caused myself and another quilt teacher (who will remain nameless) to email each other back and forth and commiserate, then make fun of, our fears.  Once we realized that all would be well, we laughed ourselves silly with many dark, twisted ways in which we would come to our nautical demise.  We laughed about pirates, soggy beds, Leonardo diCaprio.....

the ship being taken over by a drug cartel, a virus outbreak, ....... oh you get the picture.  Once we laughed about it - all was well and the anxiety was forgotten.  Then this happened.

Paula Deen

It seems that we won't be the only group on this cruise.  Paula Deen is taking a group of foodies on board for cooking, eating, and "who know's Y'all".  Paula.  Deen.

So now while I have admitted that the chances of being raided by pirates or being over taken by a rogue drug cartel is minuscule...... I now have to worry about Paula.  In my admittedly deranged nightmares I am strolling on board the beautiful ship at sunset.  The ocean is gorgeous and the salt air is refreshing.  Then I misstep on what only can be described as a "buttery smear" and I quickly slip off the deck into the deep.  Somehow I knew butter would be involved my downfall.

Seriously, looking forward to this trip.  Thank you Stitchin Heaven and Royal Caribbean Cruises for this adventure.



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