Saturday, November 24, 2012

No Leftovers

In the new special issue of Country Home magazine, there is an article on some of Polly's Christmas decorating.... it's available on newsstands right now.  

We hope your Thanksgiving went well, your Black Friday was productive, and that you are not too bogged down with leftovers.  Bill and I had a wonderful time in Texas.  There was a little bit of quilt stuff and a lot of good food and family.  If this blog was written by someone more competent there would be lots of pictures to record it.  But, you're not that lucky.  Happiness is Quilting is a great shop in McKinney Texas that invited me to do a book signing.  Check out their facebook page for proof!

Earlier in the day I was at Moda - checking out our new fabric strike-offs and shopping the warehouse. Of course, some of the ladies took me to lunch too.  Thanks Susan, Lissa, and Deb!

I'm now home and getting back into work mode.  A whole bunch of stuff needs to be cleared off the worktable to even start working.  One of the things on my work table...... this new toy from Hollyhill Quilt Shoppe in West Linn Oregon...... 

The LightPad from Artograph

This cool toy is a lightweight, slim, portable lightbox.  Think of a large iPad.    This baby really throws off a lot of light.  I have been coveting a lightbox for quite awhile and was thrilled to find this at Hollyhill.  I can't wait to mark some quilt designs onto my next completed quilt top.  

While running errands last night and this morning a wonderful thing happened!  I could drive from one side of town to the other.  The Ann Arbor Stadium Bridge is completed.  Finally.  For 13 months, it seemed like it could be said, "You can't get there from here."  Now we can.  The west side is now connected to the east side.   13 months.  You know what else took 13 months to build?  This.

Empire State Building
Yes, our little 400 foot bridge took the same amount of time, and just about the same amount of money.  

Seems about right.  

Now that we're back home someone is bemoaning the lack of Thanksgiving leftovers.  Without turkey leftovers, there can be no turkey corn chowder.  I think a small roasted turkey is on our schedule for tomorrow.  Bon Appetit!



Vicky said...

I l-o-v-e your LightPad. I have the LightTracer II which is about the same size, but it's SO clunky. Hmmm, might ask Santa for an upgrade! I kind of agree with *someone*! Thanksgiving leftovers are the best!

sue bennett said...

the lightpad looks great. Keep us posted on that one. Mine is the LightTracer. No leftovers here. I ate at my sons house.

pdudgeon said...

i think i'm on meal number 6 of leftovers, and loving every bite!
hubby, of course, never saw a leftover that he loved, so lucky me i get to have it all.
looking forward to a recipe for that turky and corn chowder when you get to it. i so love soups in the Winter, and that definitely sounds like a winner to me. i've got the turkey saved and ready for it.

Beth Ferrier said...

Did you know that you can get a battery pack for the light pad? It takes the awesomeness to a whole new level!

Linda C said...

l am having trouble finding anything on the net about the new Country home magazine you have tempted us with. l used to be an avid collector of this magazine till they stopped publishing it. l didn't know they started again. l can only hope and pray it comes to Australia.

Sharon said...

I have the same light pad and I love it, it's so light and slim. Perfect gift for the appliquer'

MaryLiz said...

I am *so* glad to hear that the bridge is open. I have been avoiding going anywhere near it for ... has it been that long? Wow.

Lee said...

All of my children were born in Ann Arbor...can you still get a Blimpy Burger?
I plan to be in Michigan in the summer to visit friends and family. Can't wait to drive by our old house and see how it has aged, it has been 35 years. Yikes! Happy Holidays everyone. Lee

Deb said...

I purchased the Country Home mag and saw all the beautiful decorating before I even saw mention of it on Pat's blog. I fell in love with that red and white quilt on the bed. Any link or pattern name to what that is? Did you make it or was it purchased?

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