Monday, October 8, 2012

Polly's Project for Primitive Quilts & Projects ... and more.

Here is the rug Polly made for the next issue of Primitive Quilts & Projects!  Isn't it great?!

Remember to use that code when you subscribe to receive an extra copy! W12DSM 

 We can't wait to get our hands on it.

What else is going on?  Well, I've spent the afternoon packing up some gift packages for a class I'm teaching tomorrow.

It's a Halloween treat bag!  We are starting the Spirit of Sacagawea Block of The Month group at Lake Street Mercantile in South Lyon, Michigan. 

I've found out that when I'm teaching, it's better if I bribe students.  Since I can't dazzle them with skill and knowledge -  I disorient them with sugar.

What else?  Well, I've put off mentioning this since most people don't care - or have vastly different points of view - but my beloved Detroit Tigers have advanced to the playoffs.  Yes, I feel personally responsible since I've held my breath at every play for the last 6 months.  This first video is a song that is dear to Tiger fans.  It's here in an unfortunately not great movie called Tiger Town.

And then there's this - my favorite picture of the season so far.  The Amazing Don Kelly picking up Prince Fielder. a Tiger Miracle.



Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Wish I could be at your class AND yes you could certainly dazzle me with your skill and knowledge!!
Great photo - Prince used to play for my SIL's Brewers so I follow his journey to Detroit.

SharoninStitches said...

The two games over the weekend were ab-so-lute-ly breathtaking. Loved it all. Bless You, Boys!

Deb said...

Gosh, I wish that I paid more attention to what was going on at Lake Street! I would have loved to take that class as I love that quilt! And you wouldn't have to bribe me to take that class - although that treat bag looks good!

And how about them Tigers!!! And Cabrera's Triple Crown! Hoping for another Tiger win tomorrow night!

Betty Lou said...

I would love to be in one of your classes and I'm sure you dazzle but a little sugar never hurts!

TheLazyQuilter said...

Wish I was in Michigan right about now to join that class, not way over in NY!

Hotquilts said...

Or way over in PA, too! Would love to take a class with or without sugar. Have fun watching more Tiger games. How about an online class BOM?

Karen in Breezy Point said...

I got my magazine today--your pony is pretty cool too!

Helen said...

I used to take classes from Sandy Bonsib and she always brought chocolate chip cookies to class. She's a great instructor, but the sugar did help brighten the mood.

I'm jealous about the Tigers. The M's season is mercifully over, but I still miss it. Nothing like listening to the game while sewing.

Debbie said...

Good for your Tigers. Unfortunately the Brewers season is over. Love Prince and the picture of him being picked up. He was great for our tem when he was in Milwaukee.

woolwoman said...

LOVE LOVE Polly's pony. I'll be looking for that mag. Melody

Carol Sc said...

Wish the Tigers wouldn't make these playoffs so interesting. Staying up late to watch is making me sleep deprived!

sophie said...

I moved from Michigan 4 years ago, but the Tigers' success makes me really happy, too.

I have pleasant memories of shopping at the Lake Street Mercantile. What a sweet quilt shop. Have a great class!

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