Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Our Bags Are Packed

Yep, at least some of them.  We leave at an ungodly hour, early Friday.  We'll be at International Quilt Market, ready to set up before noon.  Our booth shouldn't take long - we are decorating with a minimalist theme this year.  Yeah, that's what we're doing.......  I'd tell you to stay connected for updates, but I'm usually pretty lame getting posts up at market.  I will try though - but just so you know my evenings will be occupied trying to find a big screen tv to watch the World Series.  Oh, the sacrifices we make for our art.

If you look over on the right there is a new icon - a Spirit of Sacagawea Flickr link.  Go here to look and to post pictures of your progress in making the Spirit of Sacagawea.  Thanks to MaryLiz for getting this started!

Polly wants you to know there are only 2 Semper Fi Flag kits left - thanks again for all your support!!!

In the midst of all this hubbub, Gibby decided to make life even more interesting.

Gibby got up on the kitchen counter yesterday and ate a bag of Halloween candy.  (He's fine!!!).  It was chocolate, but thanks to the fact it was milk chocolate and he's a big dog ...... he didn't get enough of the chemical that can be toxic to dogs.  Unfortunately he did get all the wrappers of the chocolate too.  Plastic wrappers.  Let's just say it was all resolved quickly, thanks to 2 tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide.  Who knew?!  Never a dull moment with Mr. Gibby.  Remember to keep the chocolate Halloween candy out of reach of your doggies - especially little dogs.

Let's hope the next time you hear from us - it's from Houston!



Hotquilts said...

Have a good time working at Market. Hope you find a comfortable seat near a big screen, one where you can put your feet up too. Series should be great baseball this year. Wish I was at Market this fall too. Safe travels

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Enjoy Market as much as you can! Glad Gibby is okay - my daughter's dog did the same thing.

WoolenSails said...

Have a safe trip and a wonderful time at market.


Carrie P. said...

have fun, glad to hear your pup is okay.

Vicky said...

Have a grand time at Market! Wishing we were all there with you! My first doxie ate a huge box of Christmas candy Kisses. Had "evidence" of red and green foil for a week afterwards! She was no worse for the wear, but I was a basket case! Gotta love those puppies!

The Michigonians said...

Well, the first game was a painful one to watch, but hopefully our Tigers will rally and come back to win that Pennant...bringing it home where it belongs. Have a fun time at Market.

pdudgeon said...

so glad that Gibby is ok! hope you have a wonderful time at Fall market, and that your Tigers win the World Series.

Tammy said...

Kosher salt - a cupped handful will work too and is easier to get down not being liquid. Am.Staffie decided she wanted a steak that was on the counter.
We did not want a 2K vet bill.
Have a great time here in Houston!

Carrie said...

Poor Gibby - the sacrifices he makes for a little adventure.

And poor Laurie - the sacrifices she makes for work and art. May you find a huge HD television and a room full of Tigers' fans. Go Tigers!

Have a safe trip and a really, really good time. Did I mention - GO TIGERS! :)

mamabug said...

Glad Gibby is okay, but our pets do make life interesting don't they :)

Kwiltsfl said...

Gibby and I both got into the Halloween candy!

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