Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Thinking of Black Cats and Other Things

I like black cats.  Especially on quilts
We even had them on our fabric!
This was Roscoe who shared his life with us.

And Lizzie who did also.

I wish I had a good picture of Sarah, who was also a black cat who brightened our lives.  Halloween was my favorite holiday as a kid, and now I love it for different reasons.  Here's hoping that you have have had a spirited black cat in your life.  Happy Halloween!

The suitcases are unpacked and the bundles are unwrapped.  It was a great quilt market.  Make sure to follow Barbara Brackman's blog for pictures of a wonderful quilt collection from France.  They are spectacular.  The show will be there for Festival too of course.  If the travel gods will let you..... make sure to visit Houston.  

Here's hoping that all our friends on the east coast are doing well.  Look for a link soon to help the Red Cross and maybe get some quilting goodies in return.  I'll have more info on that later....

I'll be posting again tomorrow on some of the treasures brought back from International Quilt Market!


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Fingers Crossed

Leigh Ann and I are at the airport this morning waiting to board. So far, so good. We hope all of you are getting through the storm in good shape. International Quilt Market was great and went by in a nanosecond. If you are wanting good market reporting, make sure to follow The Fat Quarter Shop's blog - The Jolly Jabber. They were EVERYWHERE! If my iPad talks to my iPhone......I'll try to post some pictures. I'll have more soon - when we unpack.

Sigh. I'll post pictures tonight, weather permitting.


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Our Bags Are Packed

Yep, at least some of them.  We leave at an ungodly hour, early Friday.  We'll be at International Quilt Market, ready to set up before noon.  Our booth shouldn't take long - we are decorating with a minimalist theme this year.  Yeah, that's what we're doing.......  I'd tell you to stay connected for updates, but I'm usually pretty lame getting posts up at market.  I will try though - but just so you know my evenings will be occupied trying to find a big screen tv to watch the World Series.  Oh, the sacrifices we make for our art.

If you look over on the right there is a new icon - a Spirit of Sacagawea Flickr link.  Go here to look and to post pictures of your progress in making the Spirit of Sacagawea.  Thanks to MaryLiz for getting this started!

Polly wants you to know there are only 2 Semper Fi Flag kits left - thanks again for all your support!!!

In the midst of all this hubbub, Gibby decided to make life even more interesting.

Gibby got up on the kitchen counter yesterday and ate a bag of Halloween candy.  (He's fine!!!).  It was chocolate, but thanks to the fact it was milk chocolate and he's a big dog ...... he didn't get enough of the chemical that can be toxic to dogs.  Unfortunately he did get all the wrappers of the chocolate too.  Plastic wrappers.  Let's just say it was all resolved quickly, thanks to 2 tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide.  Who knew?!  Never a dull moment with Mr. Gibby.  Remember to keep the chocolate Halloween candy out of reach of your doggies - especially little dogs.

Let's hope the next time you hear from us - it's from Houston!


Thursday, October 18, 2012

Country Divided

Something has been on my mind lately.  An event is coming up in November that has people excited.  Unfortunately, we are a nation divided and it seems that we have no tolerance for the opposition.  I am taking a stand.  Despite the fact that it might offend some of you - I am proclaiming .....

Enough with the Pumpkin!

Have you folks been on Pinterest lately?  I mean...... please stop with the pumpkin recipes.

Pumpkin pancakes  
There are pumpkin Whoopie Pies

Pumpkin French Toast

Pumpkin Enchilada Soup

And last, but not least, Pumpkin Chai Latte

No people!  Just Say No!!!!  I don't want pumpkin flavored tea or coffee, and really - does anyone?  I suspect a plot by the pumpkin lobby.  

Anyway, I feel better getting that off my chest.  

What else?  We have started the Spirit of Sacagawea Block of The Month class at Lake Street Mercantile and we did the first block.  I am working along too - and I re-did the block working from just my scrap basket.  I'm liking how this is turning out.

Polly also wants you to know that there is only one stocking kit left, and only two Semper Fi kits left :(  

Now, I have to get off this Internet thing and get showered and get ready to watch a ballgame.  Yes, we had tickets last night to game 4 of the American League Championship Series.  Here's a picture I took during the Rain Delay.  Yep, no rain.  For over an hour we sat in beautiful weather during a delay.  The game was eventually called (before a drop fell) and is rescheduled for today.  There seems to be some issues with our tickets being scanned, not scanned, re-scanned, or whatever.  Let's just say, for the good of mankind, that we are admitted back into the game.  


Sunday, October 14, 2012

Primitive Quilts & Projects Winners

Antique Duvet - by Minick and Simpson
We got our quilts back from Kari, and they are grand.  I've spent the last 2 days sewing on the binding. That's a rather enjoyable job, especially on a cold and rainy evening.  I have even made a pot of tea the last several nights - a sure sign of fall.

Hope you are lucky to have some FALL where you are.  Even if you don't, the Primitive Quilts & Projects magazine will have you thinking, tasting, touching and smelling Fall.

The winners of the Primitive Quilts and Projects magazine and a piece of the coat weight cream wool are......

Susie Johnson

Barb (from Nana Barb's Musings Blog)


Email me here, ladies and I'll get them right out to you.


Friday, October 12, 2012

Polka Dot Prance

We got a few copies of Primitive Quilts and Projects yesterday.  It's a grand issue.  Let's give them away!

Make a comment on this post before midnight Sunday, October 14th and you could get a copy of this issue and a piece of the coat weight wool I used to make the Polka Dot Prance quilt.

Actually, I have a few pieces of that heavy wool that was used for both the batting and edging (it's all the same piece).  If you would like to purchase a 24" x 26" piece of that wool to make the Polka Dot Prance quilt - email me here and I'll get it out to you.  The cost is $12.00 and it includes shipping (in the contiguous 48 states).

Hope you folks have a great fall weekend.  It's glorious here today!   Unfortunately, it looks like rain for the weekend - which may or may not have baseball close by.  We won't know until tonight if the Tigers play here or in NYC next.  I would be just a tad more excited, but I'm sleep deprived and a bit frayed from that great series just played on the West Coast.  Be careful for what you wish for.


Monday, October 8, 2012

Polly's Project for Primitive Quilts & Projects ... and more.

Here is the rug Polly made for the next issue of Primitive Quilts & Projects!  Isn't it great?!

Remember to use that code when you subscribe to receive an extra copy! W12DSM 

 We can't wait to get our hands on it.

What else is going on?  Well, I've spent the afternoon packing up some gift packages for a class I'm teaching tomorrow.

It's a Halloween treat bag!  We are starting the Spirit of Sacagawea Block of The Month group at Lake Street Mercantile in South Lyon, Michigan. 

I've found out that when I'm teaching, it's better if I bribe students.  Since I can't dazzle them with skill and knowledge -  I disorient them with sugar.

What else?  Well, I've put off mentioning this since most people don't care - or have vastly different points of view - but my beloved Detroit Tigers have advanced to the playoffs.  Yes, I feel personally responsible since I've held my breath at every play for the last 6 months.  This first video is a song that is dear to Tiger fans.  It's here in an unfortunately not great movie called Tiger Town.

And then there's this - my favorite picture of the season so far.  The Amazing Don Kelly picking up Prince Fielder. a Tiger Miracle.


Thursday, October 4, 2012

Primitive Quilts and Projects

Do you get this magazine?  If you do, you will receive your new copy soon.  I hear it's at the printer right now.  We are very happy to say we have 2 projects in this upcoming issues.  It seems it's sort of a sister issue.  Besides Polly and I there are Kathy Schmitz and her sister Bonnie Sullivan.  There are more.  You will have to wait and see.

The folks at Primitive Quilts would like you to know - if you don't have a subscription yet - you can sign up here and if you use the code W12DSM you will get an extra issue added to your subscription.  Good deal!  

We'll keep Polly's rug a secret for just a bit longer, but here is the small wool quilt I made.  

Sorry for the long wait between posts.  Things are a bit hectic (yet sadly, un-photogenic) and nothing really exciting to post.  We're getting ready for quilt market and making plans for upcoming workshops.    The leaves are turning and we have had a glorious fall so far.  We even have post-season baseball!  I'd bore you with all the details, but I'm sure you have better things to read.  


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