Monday, September 10, 2012

American Patchwork & Quilting's 1 Million Pillowcase Challenge!

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Today is our day!  When we were asked by Jennifer and her crew at American Patchwork & Quilting to help out - we were thrilled.

If you have heard our dog and pony show when Polly and I talk about quilts and rugs... it goes something like this.  Polly doesn't sew.  I don't hook.  We work well together.  That said, my sewing skills using a sewing machine aren't up to industry standard.  I still work mostly by hand.  I do some piecing by machine - and I sew bindings on by machine, but making something 3-dimensional like clothing or even a pillowcase can be quite daunting for me.  Never fear - the directions for these pillowcases are a SNAP.  You (yes, you!) could whip up 2 pillowcases in under an hour.  I did.  See!   

I used the brand spanking new fabrics we received from the Mother Ship in Dallas (MODA!).  It's the sample yardage of Indigo Crossing.  One pillowcase in navy and white stripes with a star cuff, and the reverse of a star case and a navy and white striped cuff.  I will donate these to the local Veteran's Hospital this week.

Where are these cases exactly?  Well, it's a hand made baby crib - an outdoor one at that.   It's made from old screen doors and baby buggy wheels.  I found it at an antique show several years ago and it makes a handy photo prop as well as the quilt and pillow receptacle in our family room.  It has even traveled to Quilt Market several times.  There never seems to be enough pillows in the family room.  Or pillow cases.  But now, that can be remedied.

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Karen in Breezy Point said...

I'm glad you told us what that was--I never would have guessed a crib!

Amy said...

Your piecing is so beautiful and intricate - the quilt behind the wagon, and the one on it, for examples - that your pillow case confession came as a surprise. You are so talented. The cases are fun to make, and this blog hop has been fun to follow. Hopefully, there are more in your future.

Hotquilts said...

Thanks for the links and info. I love making these as gifts to family members, each with fabric I think they would like. I'm going to look for some INdigoCrossing and plan on making a few pair of pillowcases. When will it be showing up in stores?

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