Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wednesday Update....

Just a short post to let you know a couple of things....  First of all - all 4 of our new patterns featuring Indigo Crossing fabric are now available as downloads on our website - HERE.

Spinning Stars

Also, Polly has miscounted the pails.  It seems she left out the one in the photograph - so despite the website saying we are temporarily sold us HERE for the last kit with a pail.


Monday, September 24, 2012

Dont Ask Us About The Weekend

Remember when I would talk about all the funny stuff that happened during the weekend?  Well, NOT gonna happen today.  Sports-wise...... this past weekend for the Minick and Simpson families was not stellar.  We are going to try and forget it even happened.  Already, the memories are hazy.  **sticking fingers in our ears and singing La La La La La**

So, to change the subject.... How about the latest Semper Fi Rug Hooking Kit from Polly!!!

This latest creation from Polly is adapted from an antique bandanna.  Isn't it great?  Again, supplies are limited.  Go HERE to get it.  See it here with the Minick and Simpson pail?  The first 8 kits will be packed in this wonderful, and now extinct pail.  We have the last 8 pails, and then they are gone forever.  After that - you still get the kit, but alas, you will be pail-less.

Polly would like to thank you in advance for your support of the troops.

You folks are great.  You have no idea how much we appreciate you rallying to help in this cause.

Now I'm going to walk Gibby, do a few chores, work on a project, and NOT, repeat NOT watch any sporting events.

p.s.  The measurement of the Flag Semper Fi rug is 17" x 24"


Thursday, September 20, 2012

Indigo Crossing Wovens Winners

The winner of the Indigo Crossing Wovens Fat Quarter Bundle™ is....

Joan & Kevin

The winners of the Indigo Crossing Woven scraps are ......

Lori and

Bari Jo

Email me HERE and they'll go out to the post office promptly.



If You Missed The Last Kit - How About This One?

Kit making here is kind of an algebra problem in the real world.  Remember when you whined to your math teachers in High School, "I'll never use this in real life."  Well, you would be wrong if you cut quilt kits.  You use it all the time.  I ordered this fabric months ago for some Ellen's Sewing Basket kits and some future mystery kits for a workshop in France next spring.  Yeah, try to figure all that our with your fabric salesman when you don't know what the future French project will be.  It's basically all a shot in the dark.  The Ellen's Sewing Basket kits were cut and sold (thank you!), and the future mystery quilt kits have been designed and that fabric is set aside.  What we have left is enough to make a few kits of Rambling Rose. 
Rambling Rose 76" x 76"

We have 5 kits exactly.  You can find them HERE on our website.  

This was a fun quilt to appliqué.  I designed it as a beginner appliqué if you have been thinking about it but haven't taken the leap yet.  The shapes are large, and have easy curves.    Remember, if you hand applique, or machine appliqué, the thread, in all the colors that you need is also available HERE.

Hey,  you all have one more day to comment on the post below to get a chance at the Indigo Crossing Woven Fat Quarter Bundle™.  


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

2nd Chance for a Fabric Giveaway!

Did you miss out on ALL the Moda Designer Blog Hop fabric give-aways?  Never fear - we have boxes of fabric with someones name on them...........

Look what Moda sent us this week - a fat quarter bundle of Indigo Crossing wovens.   You know how we always say that the (insert current fabric collection) is our favorite?  Well, it true.  We say it AND it's true.  But these wovens for Indigo Crossing might be in a category all by themselves.  Yummy.  They are old and contemporary at the same time.  We are smitten.  Not only do we have this one lone Fat Quarter Bundle™, but Moda again sent us all the scraps left over from cutting the salesman samples.  You know what that means..... make a comment here on the blog about Indigo Crossing, Blog Hops, wovens, or anything at all, and you could win this bundle or a large Priority Mail box stuffed with Indigo Crossing woven scraps.  Make your comment before midnight Thursday September 20th.

**Just a note to all who pre-ordered the Ellen's Sewing Basket kit from us.  The last of these were mailed this morning.  If you haven't already received your kit, it will be on your doorstep by the end of the week.  Well, for you folks in Europe who ordered, it might be just a bit longer - but they have been shipped.  Thanks again.

If you are interested.... we have one kit left.  I expect it will be gone by tonight.

**The Ellen's Sewing Basket kits are now sold out.  Thanks everyone.


Saturday, September 15, 2012

Moda Blog Hop Winners!

Thanks so much for following along and thanks for your enthusiastic responses.

You know, after you live in a place for a while you do get complacent.  I forget how many wonderful things this town has to offer.  I barely scratched the surface.  There was disgruntled comments from family members about things I didn't post - particularly the Washtenaw Dairy.....

Oh well.  It probably is a good time to go there and get the last ice cream cone of the season.

But.... now to the good stuff - the winners!

Winner of the Layer Cake ™ is Doreen B

Winner of the Independence Trail Jelly Roll ™is Willa  

Winner of the Independence Trail Fat Quarter Bundle ™ of neutral wools is Miss Jean

Don't forget you all get the POP TARTS too!

Email me HERE with your addresses and they'll go out to you asap!


Thursday, September 13, 2012

Moda Designer Blog Hop!

IT came from Ann Arbor, and so do we.  Well, Polly did - now she's in tropical south Florida, but Ann Arbor is our hometown.  I stole the above graphic from a Zingerman's catalog that arrived last week.  It seemed appropriate.  And since I so brazenly stole from them, let's start with Ann Arbor's most glamorous business - Zingerman's.
This is inside the deli - the bread wall.  I could just stare at it for hours at a time.  Besides the Deli they have many other businesses in town; The Roadhouse; The Creamery; The Bakehouse, etc.  I go to the deli 2 times a weeks for bread and other goodies.  A cappuccino next door at the coffee shop is a must.  I'm there twice a week because of what's across the street - the Ann Arbor's Farmer's Market. (You regulars already know this.  Sorry for the repetition.

Ann Arbor - There are several theories on the name - but the most popular one and the sweetest is that it was named in 1824 after the 2 founders' wives - who were both named Ann.  Both Ann's also had arbors (ok, so not so exciting).  We are also home to the biggest summer Art fair in the country - Ann Arbor Street Art Fair. We also have The Ann Arbor Blues and Jazz Festival,  The Ann Arbor Folk Festival,  The Ann Arbor Film Festival, just to name a few.  We're artsy.  Probably because of the biggest employer in our area of the world - The University of Michigan.  U of M is ubiquitous to Ann Arbor.  It's hard to tell where one ends and the other begins.  We all bleed Maize and Blue.  Most people think of this when they think of Ann Arbor.

Our population (115,000) at least doubles for a few Saturdays in the fall.  We locals know when we can, and cannot get out of our driveways.  There are other lovely things associated with U of M besides football - there is the Law Quad....

And Burton Tower....

Campus is photogenic and has some of the oldest buildings in the area.  The University of Michigan has been called the Harvard of the Midwest.  Ann Arbor has also been called the Paris of the Midwest.  I can't confirm either of these, but I have a theory why A2 (what we locals call it) is called the Paris of the Midwest.  I think it's because of all the outdoor cafes.  Seriously. Every evening, seven months of the year, you will see acres and acres of people sitting at outdoor cafes .  

My pictures don't really do it justice, but really - Outside ALL THE TIME.  I can see the attraction in April and May after a long Michigan winter, but..... seat me inside with air conditioning and no exhaust fumes, please.  
Moda Candy of Indigo Crossing Fabric Collection
Ok, enough about Ann Arbor.... Let's talk about Moda Candy!  Here is our project we did with the cute little guys.  
Make a comment about Ann Arbor, your hometown, outdoor cafes, Moda Candy,
 or whatever you would like and make your comment before Saturday the 15th at 10am EST and you could win 

An Independence Trail Layer Cake

Independence Trail neutral wool fat quarter bundle 

An Independence Trail Jelly Roll

Also, each winner will also get this - a little memento of Ann Arbor.....

Hurry and make your comment, you only have one day!


21st Century and Beyond

I was going to name this post Marching Into The 21st Century, but it's actually more like being dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century.  I loved the concept on instant download-able (is that a word?  Spellcheck doesn't think so, but I think it should be) patterns, but to actually get that doo-hickey to work..... well, it was a bit of a struggle.  (Only because of ME - not the website.)  Our Beta Testers, Bill and Polly, have assured us it's a GO.  From now on, our new patterns will be available 2 ways.  Quilt shops will still be able to purchase paper patterns from United Notions/Moda Fabrics like always but you,  our online customer, will now be able to achieve instant gratification and get our new patterns on a download.  Right now, our older patterns will still be available on the website as we have the inventory.  In the future, more of these patterns will be moved to downloads also.

So with that... Here are our first 2 patterns featuring the Indigo Crossing fabric collection.

Spinning Stars

Indigo Revival

You can find these patterns HERE on our website.  Order like you always do, and once you click - you will be taken to Big Cartel to purchase the download.  Once purchased, you will receive an email very quickly with the download.  Easy peasy.

I just finished appliquéing Indigo Revival last week and now it is in the hands of Kari Ruedisale who is quilting it.  I can't wait to see it finished.  

In a week we will be debuting 2 more patterns using Indigo Crossing.  They are almost finished and we want to make sure we don't have to change ANYTHING on our directions before we get them to you.

We'll see you again tomorrow as it is OUR DAY for the Moda Designer Blog Hop.  See you then.


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Not My Best Day

I can be a whiner.  Yesterday was my gold medal, pulitzer prize winning, oscar nominated, whiniest day yet.  It started with a simple call to UPS to schedule an international shipment.  6 hours later and 3 trips to UPS stores - it was finally accomplished.  I hope.  I'm receiving email from UPS written in French with tracking updates.  I think that's a good sign.  By the time I was driving home from the last UPS store, I was a bit frazzled and grumpy.

Then the 2nd big project of the day occurred in between UPS trips and phone calls.  I was struggling with new technology.  Yep, me and a new website, downloady thingy.  It wasn't pretty.  After many, many emails to more tech savvy quilters and friends (Thanks Carrie!) and emotional missives to mysterious "help desks", I think I might have succeeded.

Why, oh why did it feel like I was piloting a plane full of explosives with only the help of a calming control tower?

What this means for you?  It means our new patterns featuring Indigo Crossing fabric will be available to you immediately, in download form.

The links will go up on our website tonight.  Tomorrow morning I should be able to post the new patterns to you here.  I hope.  If not, you all might have to talk me down from the ledge.

Remember, keep hopping with our Moda Sisters here.  Today's hoppers are

So, tomorrow here for the patterns, and then Friday is our day at the Hop.  Whee!


Monday, September 10, 2012

American Patchwork & Quilting's 1 Million Pillowcase Challenge!

Click here to find out more!

Today is our day!  When we were asked by Jennifer and her crew at American Patchwork & Quilting to help out - we were thrilled.

If you have heard our dog and pony show when Polly and I talk about quilts and rugs... it goes something like this.  Polly doesn't sew.  I don't hook.  We work well together.  That said, my sewing skills using a sewing machine aren't up to industry standard.  I still work mostly by hand.  I do some piecing by machine - and I sew bindings on by machine, but making something 3-dimensional like clothing or even a pillowcase can be quite daunting for me.  Never fear - the directions for these pillowcases are a SNAP.  You (yes, you!) could whip up 2 pillowcases in under an hour.  I did.  See!   

I used the brand spanking new fabrics we received from the Mother Ship in Dallas (MODA!).  It's the sample yardage of Indigo Crossing.  One pillowcase in navy and white stripes with a star cuff, and the reverse of a star case and a navy and white striped cuff.  I will donate these to the local Veteran's Hospital this week.

Where are these cases exactly?  Well, it's a hand made baby crib - an outdoor one at that.   It's made from old screen doors and baby buggy wheels.  I found it at an antique show several years ago and it makes a handy photo prop as well as the quilt and pillow receptacle in our family room.  It has even traveled to Quilt Market several times.  There never seems to be enough pillows in the family room.  Or pillow cases.  But now, that can be remedied.

Keep following along on the hop - here is the rest of the gang.

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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Just Checking In

For all of you locals..... just a note to let you know I will be teaching/leading a Spirit of Sacagawea Block of the Month at Lake Street Mercantile in South Lyon Michigan.   Starting next month, on the second Tuesday of every month, we'll meet to talk about Sacagawea, chat, go over directions, stitch, eat, and have fun.  Contact Leigh Ann, Heather, or Cindy here to reserve your place.  Space is limited - we would really like to see you there!

Remember we'll all be following along on the American Patchwork & Quilting Million Pillowcase Blog Hop.  Our day is is September 10.  Not to be forgotten is the Moda Designer Blog Hop and our day is September 14th.

What else is new?  Not much, unless you are wondering about the most popular dog in Ann Arbor Michigan.  Yes Gibby is popular.  He has had 5 play dates this past 4 days.  FIVE.  He gets more phone calls than Bill and I put together.  That Gibby, he's a tramp.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

September Means Moda

When one blog hop is not enough...... we at Moda will bring you another super-duper one.  The Moda Designer Blog Hop.  Make sure to follow along September 5th through the 14th and catch up with our fabric sorority sisters. (We know you do anyway, we can see the cyber trails that you leave behind)

There will be prizes!  Fabric give-aways! and spine tingling tales.  Also, I would like to thank Barb and Mary of Me and My Sister who made this blog post possible (I cut and pasted the following from their blog!)  Here is the schedule!

Always there for us to help a sister out.  Thanks Barb and Mary - and see you soon!


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