Friday, July 27, 2012

What's For Dinner?

There are so many good, lovely things at the market lately - it's hard to take advantage of them all.  You can't go wrong with fresh tomatoes.  Dinner for the past 2 nights was sliced tomatoes (get lots of varieties!), sliced avocado, homemade blue cheese dressing, and freshly baked bread.

It's time to get away from the computer (I've been surfing lots of blogs and I've seen some lovely things - I'm talking to you PamKitty and Kate from Empty Field!).  Now, to pack the car and set up my booth for the Ann Arbor Guild show.  Later!


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Same Thing , Different Cities (NOT!)


Polly is in Nantucket this week.  She is teaching at the Nantucket Historical Association - hooked rugs, of course.  I think she will also stroll the quaint streets and possibly take walks on the beach.


Don't you wish you were there?  There's always a sea breeze on Nantucket.  Alas, I couldn't go.  I refuse to feel sorry for myself.  Instead, I will get immersed in quilt show hubbub and vend at the local quilt show this weekend.    This is the beautiful view of my dining room as I get ready to pack the car.  Hope to see you there!


Friday, July 20, 2012


It's about 30 degrees cooler today than it was earlier in the week and words cannot explain how wonderful this is.  There is a strong breeze blowing through the open windowed house and it is great company to the chores I am working on.  I'm trying to organize the disaster of a dining room/shipping and receiving department here and I'm making kits and packing for a show I am vending next weekend.  If any of you are local - I will be vending the Greater Ann Arbor Quilt Guild Quilt Show at Washtenaw Community College.

Speaking of kits..... This ad is currently in the Quiltmania #90 issue that should be on the newsstands any minute now.   It has already been on sale in Europe for awhile.  We are taking pre-orders on this kit NOW - even though we won't be sending them out until next month.  The ad appeared now and we were getting lots of interest - so we posted it on the website as a pre-order.  This is a limited run of kits.  If you would like to order now - go here.  Thanks.

The Ann Arbor Art Fair is going on right now - and they are having a pretty good run of weather.  Their set-up day on Tuesday was over 100 degrees.  I know the crowds are loving this, today.  I did a bit of ogling on Wednesday morning.  Most of the booths strongly discouraged photography, so I don't have any pictures of the art - but there is this... my yearly ritual of a Berry Patch Sundae at Afternoon Delight.


Have a great weekend!


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Aurifil Winner!

   Yep!  We have a winner.... but first.....

If you have a Quiltmania subscription you probably already know.  If not, the #90 issue of Quiltmania should be on the newsstands any minute.  We also have a few copies HERE.  This issue has a neat story on Polly's home and lots of her rugs, and a few of my quilts.

There is also a great story on Pour l'Amour du Fil 2012 show in Nantes, France.  (I believe a very rough translation of this is For The Love of The Thread).  This show is a wonderful textile show - that honors all things stitchy - especially quilts - every spring in France.  It's sponsored by Quiltmania magazine. Among this year's featured artists were Maggie Bonanomi, Linda Koenig, Kathy Doughty, Brigitte Gilbin, Kathi Campbell, and Reiko Kato, just to name a few.  Polly and I are thrilled to tell you that we are going to be on the 2013 roster!  Yes - a trip to France next spring.  Pinch me.

This show has 5 days of classes by the featured artists, lots of vendors and jaw dropping exhibitions.  We can hardly wait.  AND there will be a freshly published book to debut at the show with lots of our rugs and quilts.

Not to distract from the job at hand..... the winner of the AURIFIL THREAD COLLECTION is....

MARY, who said  "I will probably watch quite a bit of the games. My husband really enjoys them and he always has the remote. Gymnastics is my favorite."

Mary, email me here HERE and the thread will go right out to you.


p.s..... I think a better translation of Pour l'Amour du Fil would be For The Love of The Needle (not thread).


Sunday, July 15, 2012

Summer Doldrums

Posts have been few and far between lately, haven't they?  Sorry about that.  We've been a bit housebound lately finishing up on projects and getting things ready.  I proofread a manuscript and 3 upcoming patterns yesterday.  I'm a bit cross-eyed.  I think I'll treat myself to a little road trip this afternoon.  Even if it is only to buy a spool of thread.  Both the new book and patterns will be on our blog and website soon.  I am also in the middle of a quilting project that I am NOT in love with.  That makes for some slow going stitching, I tell you.  Hopefully I'll start feeling better about it shortly.  What have I occupied my mind with while quilting on this ornery beast of a quilt?  I'll fill you in (by showing some pictures recently posted on Pinterest)......

Marseille  France

Doesn't this look like a lovely place to spend a hot summer?  I think so.  And while sightseeing and dining and bathing and such - wouldn't it be great to get around on one of these?

1959 Vespa from

Or how about what's upcoming in a week or so....

Official poster of the 2012 Olympic Games

I think it would be appropriate to be stitching and watching in a chair like this.
From Habitually Chic ®

Excitement, travel, and stitching is what is on both Polly's and my mind lately.  Oh, we'll let you in on more of that when the time comes.    For now, have a relaxing day and keep cool while you stitch.

We only have one blue stocking kit left and the only option left on the cooler bags is the navy nautical one (my favorite).  The Aurifil thread packs are getting low and we're going to have to re-order this week.  Thanks again.

Are you a fan of the Olympics?  Will you watch some of it?   All of it?   Comment about that - or anything else and you could win a package of our new thread collection from Aurifil.  Make your comment before Midnight Tuesday the 17th.


Monday, July 9, 2012

Stocking Kits Just In Time For The Holidays! (heh!)

Getting a heads up on your holiday shopping and "making"?  We are here to help.  We have Polly's Christmas stockings back in stock for a limited time.  When they're gone - they're gone.

You can order a kit in the blue (above) or red.  Go HERE to order.  Polly and I are getting ready to go to Sauder Village next month and are packing and making kits.  Polly was able to get these ready early for you - on the website.

Is the American flag limiting your decorating options?  Are you one of our international hookers?  This is what a Canadian friend of Polly's did with just a little ingenuity and a magic marker - she changed the American flag to the Canadian Maple Leaf.

While you are all sewing and hooking away - remember to keep cool.

P.S...... If you ordered the Aurifil Thread pre-order - it ships to you today.  It is now in stock!  Yeah.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Coolest Bag Ever

This is Our Very Cool Bag from Polly's book, American Summer.  It was a collaboration from Polly, myself, and especially Leigh Ann Prange.  Polly's son had a similar bag that was "manufactured".  It kept drinks cold all day, but his vinyl bag had all the seams welded somehow in the manufacturing process.  Our challenge was to re-create this bag with our coated fabric - but not have any sewn seams in the lining.  If there were seams - then the moisture would wick into the insulation layer.  Leigh Ann to the rescue - she whipped up this bag and kind of "origami-ed" the lining so it fit - without any sewn seams.  It works beautifully and it look kind of nice too!

We now have a limited amount of kits for this bag.  You will need the American Summer book for the directions. The kit comes with the coated fabric (both outside and inside), thermal lining, strapping, and zipper.  The kit is HERE.  It's perfect for all your summer outdoor plans.

........So, you know what else happened?  I've had cereal for breakfast for the last 5 days, (except for Sunday).  Exciting, right?
 My favorite is Frosted Mini Wheats.  This time of year - it's with fruit.  I had raspberries three times, sliced strawberries once and sliced bananas once.   I'm kind of particular in how I eat my Frosted Mini Wheats.  I like to have a Mini Wheat AND a piece of fruit in each spoonful.  I'm sure a Psychologist would have a lot to say about that, but back to my story.......  On the first day I noticed that I had exactly the same number of Mini Wheats and raspberries in my bowl.  When I got down to the last spoonfuls (the spoonfuls of a Mini Wheat AND a raspberry) I saw that I have exactly 2 Mini Wheats and 2 Raspberries left.  Serendipitous, I though.  The next day, again with the raspberries.... the cereal and fruit evened out.  The day after that (with sliced bananas), as I got down to the end - it looked like it was going to be a dead heat and it WAS.  Yesterday I had some sliced strawberries.  I was trying not to pay any attention at all when I dumped them on my cereal, but sure enough.... Again - same number.  So, I hesitate to tell you this, but it seems I have some sort of talent.  Remember Dustin Hoffman in Rainman?  With the matches?  Yes, it seems I am some kind of cereal savant.  Without any planning or forethought - something in my brain makes sure I have a BALANCED breakfast.  With this new talent inflating my ego I confidently poured out my breakfast into the bowl this morning.  I ate and caught up on blogs.  Imagine my disappointment when in the bottom of my bowl I had 3 lonely Mini Wheats and no fruit.  My Mojo was gone.  As fast as it came - it went.  What does it mean? I have no idea.  All I know is that my mysterious talent is gone before I could capitalize on it.  No Late Night talk shows or Morning News producers vying for my appearance.  Rats.

Seriously, Have a great holiday!

Polly wants you to know that the last of the Christmas Stocking hooked rug kits will be put on the website next monday.  We'll blog about it too.


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