Thursday, May 24, 2012

Remember Us?

Hey, long time, no blog post.  Sorry about that.  A little something like International Quilt Market came and went.  Not only was I away from my computer, but I had NO time to look at the Internet.  I just logged on and saw that on google reader I have 749 posts waiting there for me to read.  Heh.  I guess I'll try to whittle away at those on this long holiday weekend.

So, "How was it?" you ask.   It was great!  I trust that you have all seen the pictures and read the posts from others who are more Internet connected than I.  I'll post a couple pictures - just to prove I was there.

Here's a good one!  This is Blackbird Design's booth BEFORE it is decorated.  Yes, this is what it looks like after the car is unpacked and dumped into their booth.  So basically, just unpacking their car, their booth looks better than anyone else's.  Later, in this booth, there was this quilt.

It was my favorite quilt there.  It will be published soon in their new book.

These darling coin purses were in Oliver + S's booth.  She had patterns for these and other adorable small projects.

Oh, there is so much more, but you know that.  It was all posted earlier this week on other blogs, with much better pictures.  I bet I have some pictures that no one else has.   I have 7 photos almost exactly alike.

After scrutinizing this and it's cousins..... I finally came to the conclusion that this picture is the inside of my pocket - where my camera was.
With that.... I'll leave the market re-cap to more capable reporters.

Now on to what's coming up!!  June 5th and 6th we will be in Conrad Iowa at Hen and Chicks Quilt Studio to do a workshop on this quilt.  Polly will do a rug hooking workshop and we'll have a little trunk show and lecture too.

Later in June, on the 22nd and 23rd - we will be in Oregon at the Holly Hill Quilt Shop!!  Yes, back to the finest shop on the Northwest coast.  Polly will do a rug hooking workshop making hooked stockings and I will be teaching Lizzie's Big Flowers..

Time is getting close!  The rooms are filling!!! make sure to get your reservations in now.  Thanks!!



Sinta Renee said...

I was gifted a signed book of American Summer as a treat from Market! The book is beautiful and that quilt pic on your post just doesn't do it justice at all. The projects in the book are wonderfully gorgeous.

Vicky said...

So you're going to make me go back and search other pictures to find your quilts! :) I have one or two on my to-do list!

Pam said...

Both quilts you pictured for upcoming classes/workshops are wonderful. Going to be kitting either?

PamKittyMorning said...

Each year my quilt market photos are worse and worse, glad that others are picking up the slack and I can just focus on working and not get in a panic. Great as usual seeing you and Polly. Glad Frankie got to meet "Whitechapel", her nickname for you. She's always excited to meet up with the people I talk about and admire so much. And who also have the same taste in tv shows. Could you believe that Sherlock?

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