Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Road Trip

Tomorrow morning I head out on a short, but highly anticipated road trip. I am heading north to Petoskey Michigan and I will do my quilt song and dance for the Little Traverse Bay Quilt Guild. As many of you know, and certainly all Michiganders know - this is a beautiful part of the world.
photo from USA Today Travel

The car is packed and the GPS is set for the venue and can't wait. By Friday evening I should be back at home, annoying my better half.

The baseball game on Easter was one for the ages. Seriously, if you wanted to put a game on a DVD, stuff it in a time capsule to save for posterity - that one was it. Three come from behind dramatic rallies, the last one with 2 outs in the bottom of the 11th inning. Today's game - uh, ***cough, cough*** uh, never mind.

What else? our friend Logan sent pictures. This is what she made.
Logan needle-punched Polly's mermaid design from American Summer. She did a spectacular job! You can follow Logan's exploits at Logan is 18 and has been doing this quilting, sewing, designing stuff for years. Kind of makes you feel like a slacker, doesn't it?



Unknown said...

Aawww shucks...:)

Quilt n Queen said...

Good morning Laurie.....wish I was pack in your suit case. Sounds like a fun trip....they do say it is a beautiful part of Michigan....some day after DH retires we will have to take a trip north. Safe travels. Pauline

Shakerwood said...

Went to a Triple A game the other night. The game wasn't too exciting but we froze our bejeebers off. I don't think anyone went prepared for the weather.

Heard Traverse City area was wonderful. Have a safe trip

Melanie said...

Have fun! Traverse City is a beautiful part of the world! Can't wait to get back there this summer!

Anonymous said...

Did you got to the best cherry jam in Petoskey !!!

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