Sunday, April 8, 2012

Ellen's Sewing Basket

This is our third pattern using Independence Trail - Ellen's Sewing Basket. We didn't so much design it as reproduce an antique quilt and write the directions for it. When we were designing the fabric line it occurred to me that this group of fabrics would be great to reproduce this quilt -
This is a Star of Bethlehem variation made by Ellen Morton Littlejohn in the early 1800's. It is currently at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It's a bit different of course - but you get the idea. Ellen's Sewing Basket measures 88" x 88" and would make quite a statement on your bed or on the wall.

This and our other patterns for Independence Trail - Navajo Trade Blanket and Rambling Rose are now listed on our website for pre-sale. The patterns are at the printers and I expect to be able to ship in about 1 week.



Janet said...

Wow - what an incredible antique quilt!! I loved looking more closely at it on the Museum site - thanks for the link. Your reproduction of it is lovely as well. I wonder if anyone will attempt the stuffed work in the alternate squares :0)

Swedish Scrapper said...

Oh Yes, very nice interpretation indeed! Would that I could even come close to do a version using your pattern! Nice to see the museum site too.

Unknown said...

Oh, I really like this! Beautiful!!!

Sandy said...

Wow indeed, stunning! These quilts are beautiful. Thank you for the link.

Shontelle said...

I love your quilt. The star of Betlehem is one of my favourite blocks.

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