Saturday, March 17, 2012

Buried Treasure

We hope you are all having a lovely St. Paddy's day and finding your own pot 'o gold at the end of the rainbow.

We did, kind of....... buried underneath all sorts of sundry things was a very rainbow-like treasure. Yes, a few long forgotten kits of this were unearthed.
For those of you so inclined, we have this Mexican Flowers kit. It includes all the fabrics needed for the top and binding and the instructions. Click HERE for more info. If that isn't enough to give you spring fever, nothing will.

As for other St. Paddy's Day celebrations, let's just say those days are long past. We are 100% Irish (if we can believe everything our ancestors tell us - and let's just say they have been known to tell tales). We have a brother who has the Luck Of The Irish. He has long been the fortunate one. He had a few close calls, particularly some health issues the last couple of years, but he keeps bouncing back. He did it again 2 days ago. You might have seen the news coverage of the tornado that went through Dexter Michigan. The newer sub division has been more prominent in the news, but the other area is where our brother lives, was ravaged also. 150 year old trees were tossed about like pick-up-sticks. Most of the houses on his street had severe damage. Jeff's house lost part of a roof, a chunk of siding, some fencing, and a shed. That's it. Again, he is the lucky one. When I visited him yesterday the views were surreal. The landscape along the Huron River is completely changed. But, already the work was started and chain saws could be heard everywhere. His plans last night was to get power back on so he could watch a little bit of March Madness. Luck was shining down on everyone it seems. Despite the incredible damage, no one was hurt. That's enough of a celebration for all of us.



Miss Jean said...

I'm so glad your brother is alright. I'm originally from Michigan so the news story really caught my attention.

JoAnne said...

I'm so glad that your brother is safe and that he didn't lose everything! We actually had a damaging tornado here in Hawaii last week! Strange weather these days. Happy International Quilting Day, too!

Quilt n Queen said... was amazing that no one died or there were no serious is always good when you have a bit of the Irish luck ...good to hear Jeff's was one of the less damaged properties. It was a scary night...I was waiting for the sirens to go off on Beck Road in Canton...I was ready to head to the 2 sisters and my niece who were visiting from Canada. Still working on veteran quilts from the Prairie Paisley II scraps....slow progress is being made....sometimes life gets in the way of my sewing...dang dang it!! Happy International Quilting Day.

Swedish Scrapper said...

Amen, glad your family is ok.

Anonymous said...

I was so glad to hear that everyone was okay - I saw posts on facebook from Erin and Kate and then I chatted with Erin yesterday and she said that Jeff was okay, however, there had been some damage. Obviously they were all being taken care of. Karen

Janelle said...

It's good to hear your brother is ok. My family went through a flood a few years ago and it helped immensely to be able to think that at least we were ok and we were lucky enough that our animals were ok ad well. Sometimes you really have to hold on to those foundations to get through the mess. Good luck to him in the coming days. It's a lot of crazy messy hard work but hopefully something good can come from it!

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