Friday, January 6, 2012

Color Of The Year!


Have you heard?  The color of the year, as picked by the color gurus at Pantone © is Tangerine Tango.  Just so you know, we love this!  Except maybe for the name.  Tangerine Tango sounds more orange than it really is.  It's orange/red, or red on the orange side, or tomato soup red as I call it.  Okay, so it's orange.  We still love it.  It's the color of vintage Fiestaware.
 It's also the color of the reds that Polly and I use in our rugs and quilts.
What is not to like?  Sometimes, it's the reason I "pin" things on Pinterest.
Have a Tangerine Tango weekend!!!



JudyCinNC said...

I do not love orange so much, but I do love Tangerine Tango (tomato soup). Judy C

Wendy said...

What a beautiful color....Love it, certainly NOT a paint on the wall kinda love, but accessory kinda love.....LOL (if I'm lucky I will find a cute pair of sandals & make a matching tote bag in Tangerine Tango.

Vicky said...

It's a great color! Just makes you want to break out in smiles!

aztel2000 said...

Okay, I have hated orange since my first job at an A&W and having to wear an orange jumper everyday, so I am pretending that Tangerine Tango is RED (with a little tinge of yellow).
Karen in Breezy Point

MARCIE said...

May I "pin" pictures from your blog? the copyright issues concern me as I don't want to "steal" things. Not sure how this applies.

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