Thursday, December 1, 2011

Center Stage

Check your mailbox! The new American Patchwork & Quilting is starting to ship. We have a new quilt in the February 2012 issue. The cover will look like this
Yes, either the one on the left - OR the one on the right. Could be either one. Magazines do that every once in a while. Some sort of market testing, but as nice as both those covers are - it's whats inside that counts.
The quilt "Center Stage" is in it and it is made with American Banner Rose. The inspiration of course, was the Red and White quilt exhibit in New York City this past March. As a matter of fact, after walking the show, we had a wonderful dinner with Jennifer Keltner and Elizabeth Beese the women who make American Patchwork & Quilting the great magazine it is. "Send us a red and white quilt" they said, and two weeks later we did. We have the kit available on our website.

There were a couple of other big hitters in the quilt world at that dinner table in New York. Carrie Nelson of Miss Rosie's Quilt Company and Lissa Alexander, the VP of marketing of Moda Fabrics. Carrie has been popular at our house this week, not just for her quilts - but for her genius oatmeal recipe. The Simpson's have been eating steel cut, long cooking,Irish oatmeal every morning this week. The whole grain goodness of slow food, but with the ease of fast food.

What can I say about Lissa? Another genius. She is also the woman behind our Moda Design Blog Hop next week that will start on Monday, right HERE! See you then!

Polly wants me to let you know that we have 3 Stocking kits left. They probably won't last the weekend.

P.S. The link for the Center Stage kit will be working sometime today. Sorry for the delay :(



Vicky said...

It's gorgeous, and another one on my must-make list! You ladies sure do keep me busy!

Sandra Henderson said...

You should try Water Grist Mill Ground Grits!
The real thing! Where you rinse the chaff off and cook them forever. SOOOoooo good and good for you. Then, the leftovers, you put in a pan to mold and slice n fry like polenta! You can also add cheese, herbs,etc. :)
AGRIRAMA in Tifton, GA has the best. Just call em up and they'll ship em right on up to ya

Jan said...

I saw this when I saved my issue for last night's reading. It deserves a WOW!

Gayle said...

Just curious to know how steel cut oats are different than regular? Taste? Nutrition?

Laurie said...


Steel Cut (not because they use steel, but because it means it uses the whole grain) is more nutritious. If you made the traditional Steel Cut oats it takes quite awhile to cook. Not convenient for most mornings. This method lets them steam in the boiling water overnight - and you just have to warm up in the morning. They don't taste any different - but they are kind of "al dente" - or "firm to the tooth". It just means they are more substantial than the usual Quaker oats. This is very pleasing to me.


Vicki Tempel said...

Love the fabric!

Priscilla Fann said...

Love the shop hop.

Amber said...

I kind of like the tabletop covered in quilts...maybe a new way to display them? :)

Sandra said...

Love the block and fabric!! The shop hop is so much fun. Thanks

Anonymous said...

I love your decorating style! Total chaos always works for me!

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