Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Rest of Market

Maybe I should have named this blog post "Random Pictures On My iPhone". I'll try to make a bit of sense of them. Remember the Just One Block thing we did earlier this year?? Well, we wanted to get 1800 blocks. Many, many, many more were sent in by you wonderful people. Hundreds of these were made....
In fact, so many were made that we completely exhausted the supply of star bunting fabric and red floral fabric. So, Susan Stiff and Lisa Christensen at Moda came up with this.... .
60 star blocks to make this charming quilt. Moda packaged up 60 blocks, the backing, and binding into a pizza box and handed out these "almost made" kits at quilt market to quilt shops. All they have to do is sew the star blocks together, layer, quilt, and bind. Then the shops get to deliver to any troop of their choice. Win-win situation. Thank you to all who took armfuls of pizza boxes back to their shops.

Let's see, what else is clogging up the iPhone.....
Elvis made an appearance at the Primitive Gatherings booth. He had everyone All Shook Up.

I'll think I will spare you any more fuzzy pictures. Thanks for all the nice things said about the mysterious 2012 Kansas City Star BOM. I will post the full picture on Monday or Tuesday. Let's give Kansas City Star a bit of time to update their website and I will be able to link you to the information. Here's another sneak peek.


WoolenSails said...

Love the fabrics, I still need to decide what I want with mine, but thinking a patriotic quilt for next summer.


SueB said...

I think that is just awesome about the Just One Block program. If all the boxes were not taken, I will gladly take a few of them and make up. And make sure they get to where they are needed.

Karen said...

I saw the moda challenge and wanted to send in my blocks. I also took the idea to my guild. So many people have been directly effected by these wars, we had a great turn out. I am so happy that we had so many gals help out.
We quilters are a great bunch!
God bless our troups.
God bless America.

PamKittyMorning said...

Well the Just One STar program looks like a huge success. Love the mysterious star. and of course you guys!

lovetostitch said...

Congrats on the just awesome turn out for ONE BLOCK!!
I am anxious to see the BOM, I sure like/LOVE what I've seen so far!!

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