Thursday, November 3, 2011

More From Market

I'll post a few photos..... but there are better ones "out there" in blogland. Others photographers are kicking our behind in that department.

This was the Victory Girls quilt in the Kansas City Star booth. Notice the lovely wool quilt on the bed made by Maggie Bonanomi . She has a new book out too.

Oh, and His Holiness stopped by the Moda Halloween Party. Here he is with Polly
Uh, not really. That imposter is Mark Pytel, the Great Lakes area Moda sales rep.

I bought a new thimble hand made by T. J. Custom fit right on the spot. I'm going to give it a work out asap.

This is Doug Leko of Antler Quilt Designs. He has been a fixture at market for several years. He was a buyer for his family's quilt shop, but now he is an exhibitor with his pattern company. Here he is, an 18 year old businessman alone in his booth. I have a message for Doug's mom.... You will be happy to know Doug is a fine businessman and a gentleman and he had 5000 substitute Moms looking out for him last weekend.
Above is the 2012 Kansas City Star BOM quilt. I know this because I designed and made it. We are pretty excited about it. I'll post a full size picture of this tomorrow with all the info. Thanks!!



Janet said...

I love my TJ thimble!! She is so lovely to talk with over the phone - how nice you got to meet her. I look forward to seeing the BOM quilt soon :0)

WoolenSails said...

Wonderful photos and I live the kansas city quilt.


Kim said...

Oh my gosh! TJ! When I first started quilting waaaay back when I felt so special when I splurged and bought a couple of her beautiful thimbles and a pendant to boot! She is a darling! I'll never forget calling her and the person on the other end of the phone said she was just up the road picking blueberries and she would call me back. And she did! Lovely lady. Market pics look great and I look forward to more pics of that BOM!

Logan said...

I want this pattern!!!!!

zoeycat said...

Great Pictures!!!! Can't wait to see the Kansas City Star B.O.M. quilt in person!

lovetostitch said...

From the glimpse that I see - what a beauty!! Done with fabulous M&S fabrics!! YUM!!

terry said...

I also am the proud owner of a TJ thimble. You are going to love yours. Since yours was personally fitted to your finger, you are going to find that quilting/sewing with it is like not having anything on. It is so light and soooooo functional. I can handquilt for hours. Can you tell I love mine.


annies home said...

your quilts are very pretty there are a few quilt shows around here and I love to go look at those as well come see me at

Susan Maw said...

Love the KC Star BOM quilt! It's beautiful! Your Victory Girls book looks very interesting &, of course, gorgeous as well.

Sandra Henderson said...

I bought one of her thimbles and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! it's all I use and don't think I would have stuck with hand quilting if I'd not found it when I did.
In fact, I'm embarrassed to admit this,,, I bough the whole chatellaine (sp?). lol Yeah, yeah, I know.. I'll never use it, but it's so gosh darned pretty! They gals said, most just buy a piece a year.. lol I had to get the silver pincusion that she hand beaded, scissor holder, needle threader, pearl and garnet type bead necklace, the eyeglass holder thingy... Lord, I don't know. Quite obnoxious. lol JUST LOVE her things. She had to change her name ya know.. from the thimble lady.

Carrie ~ Cricketwood Prims said...

Which fabric lines did you use for Sacagawea? I saw your quilt at Hollyhill Quilt Shoppe and feel in love!

Thanks. Carrie

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