Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Mid Week Catch Up

Well, the weather here could not be more beautiful. We have had a spectacular fall here in the Midwest. Hope you are enjoying it where you are. While it is sunny and warm - the leaves are in full color. I'm in a fall mood today and I will I will make a pot of minestrone.
Notice the "Fregula Sarda" in the picture? It's a soup ingredient that I LOVE. It's a pasta. Instead of using orzo, or another small pasta for your soup - I use this. It's small beads of pasta that have been toasted. When they cook in your soup they are a bit denser than regular pasta and have a nutty flavor and wonderful texture. If you can find some in your grocery store - I recommend for the upcoming cool weather soups.

What else is going on?? I delivered the remaining strips of Prairie Paisley II to Quilt n Queen and she is getting a group together to make blocks for Quilts of Valor. Thanks Pauline!!!!!

The new patterns are at the printer and I will post them in a day or so. I hope you'll like them!

Polly has a message for you rug hookers.....Polly had a list of rug hookers who were interested in an upcoming workshop in Nantucket next year. Well, the list came up missing. Any of you who were on the list, or any of you that want to be on the list - email us here and Polly will contact you.



WoolenSails said...

I will have to look for that, I am tired of eating plain noodles and looking for healthier alternatives, I do love my pasta;)


aztel2000 said...

I've never heard of Fregula Sarda,so I will be on the lookout for it--thanks for the tip. I love to make minestrone because of all the veggies!
Karen in Breezy Point

Kwiltsfl said...

This sounds delicious! I have avoided making minestrone because I don't care for kidney beans - never thought to use cannellini. I will have to check out our specialty stores for Fregula Sarda.

Avon said...

Do You Share your Recipe? I love Minestrone but never have tried to make it.

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