Thursday, October 27, 2011

Bags Are Packed

We have a small corner booth this year and the packing has been pretty simple. Two boxes shipped and one suitcase of quilts. I just finished packing my clothes and the suitcase of quilts. Yippee!

For all you travelers.... we'll be in booth 468. It shouldn't be too hard to find, you know - over in Moda Land.

If you are there tomorrow, Polly and I have a Schoolhouse at 2:15 in 362B. We'll be showing the Victory Girls quilts, rugs and more!

We'll be posting more surprises, so keep in touch.


Sunday, October 23, 2011

Packing for Market

The boxes have been shipped. Last minute errands will be done in the next few jam packed days. What is left is to pack my suitcases. I will need clothes for 5 days and quilts. I also will pack some hand work. Sometimes I am so busy, I never get to it, but other times it is a godsend. Hand work to keep busy and to ease anxiety. This is part of what I'm packing. It's a big, holiday appliqué. Everything right now is following me around the house in my antique wagon/portable coffee table/stash heap.

And CHEDDAR fabric, how can you not love cheddar. We'll try to post when in Houston and keep you abreast of all the newest and latest.


Sunday, October 16, 2011

Second Chance

You might have remembered this quilt. It is an Irish Chain variation that I made a couple of years ago using scraps from our first two Moda Fabric collections - Nantucket, and Coming Home. I actually made two of them - one for Polly and one for myself. It wasn't an original design. I got the pattern from an issue of American Patchwork & Quilting. The article featured an antique quilt owned by Julie Hendrickson and American Patchwork & Quilting designed the pattern by studying this quilt.

When I posted this quilt on the blog while writing about hand quilting, we got many requests for the pattern. I gave the info on the magazine issue, but it soon sold out.

Now, to the good part......American Patchwork & Quilting has reprinted the pattern in their new bookazine - Sew Scrappy. This issue is on the newsstand right now. It's your chance to get the pattern. Good luck!!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

New Patterns for Prairie Paisley II

The new patterns are at the printer. Here are the covers of these 2 patterns (one is appliqué and one is piecing!)
They are being added to our website tonight - so if you don't see them at first - just give it awhile. Our genius web person works nights :) You should be able to find them here by Friday morning, for sure. They will start shipping next week.

I'm so excited for Masterpiece Mystery this Sunday (yes, it's been confirmed - I am an official Nerd). The Kate Atkinson books are being produced as a mini series!!!!

I Love her books - Case Histories, One Good Turn, When Will There Be Good News, and the new....Started Early, Took My Dog. These books feature the detective Jackson Brodie.
These "mysteries" take place in present day Edinburgh Scotland. I say "mystery" because, while there is a mystery or several mysteries solved, a whole lot more goes on. Atkinson is a wonderful writer and there is lyrical beauty, wit, romance, and much more. There is even a reoccurring girl detective character!!! Kind of a cross between Nancy Drew and Veronica Mars. How can you not love that! So, fellow stitchers who loves good mysteries - make sure to tune in on Sunday for the first installment. If it's half as good as the books - we are all in for a treat.


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Mid Week Catch Up

Well, the weather here could not be more beautiful. We have had a spectacular fall here in the Midwest. Hope you are enjoying it where you are. While it is sunny and warm - the leaves are in full color. I'm in a fall mood today and I will I will make a pot of minestrone.
Notice the "Fregula Sarda" in the picture? It's a soup ingredient that I LOVE. It's a pasta. Instead of using orzo, or another small pasta for your soup - I use this. It's small beads of pasta that have been toasted. When they cook in your soup they are a bit denser than regular pasta and have a nutty flavor and wonderful texture. If you can find some in your grocery store - I recommend for the upcoming cool weather soups.

What else is going on?? I delivered the remaining strips of Prairie Paisley II to Quilt n Queen and she is getting a group together to make blocks for Quilts of Valor. Thanks Pauline!!!!!

The new patterns are at the printer and I will post them in a day or so. I hope you'll like them!

Polly has a message for you rug hookers.....Polly had a list of rug hookers who were interested in an upcoming workshop in Nantucket next year. Well, the list came up missing. Any of you who were on the list, or any of you that want to be on the list - email us here and Polly will contact you.


Saturday, October 8, 2011

Prairie Paisley II "Strip" Winners

I have 3 Priority Mail boxes stuffed with Prairie Paisley II strips and the car is packed with the rest. They are being dropped off tomorrow to Quilt n Queen. Her post was this......

Having a box of Prairie Paisley II arrive in my mailbox would be wonderful...just like Christmas... I'm making 6 blocks and 6 pillowcases for Johna'lee. She blogs at 'The Scrappy She is collecting blocks....she mentioned in one of her blogs how much she likes your fabric collections. I still have some Prairie Paisley and that is what I'm using. Her daughter, Tory, lost her fiance 12 days before they were to be married. Chris, was killed in Afghanistan early September and Johna'lee is making quilts for Tory and Chris' family. The scraps bag would be an awesome win. I'm using the 'Just One Star' block. Thanks to 'Moda Lissa' and 'Minick & Simpson' for the chance to win the scraps...have a great Market in Houston!!

After those quilts are made, the rest will be made into quilts for the local Veteran's hospital by Quilt N Queen. Thanks!

Well, the 3 winners are.....




Email me here, ladies and I'll get the strips out to you on Monday!


Thursday, October 6, 2011

This Time of Year

We are in the final push to get all of our products ready to take to International Quilt Market in Houston. Sewing machines are whizzing, editors are up all night, and digital printers are pumping out patterns. It's not just us quilty bloggers - it's the the entire sewing/quilting industry. Moda is in Market mode. Things are getting finished and shipped. It seems that one of the chores they do is re-cycling. Yes, for all the good reasons, of course. And you could be the benefactor. How would you like to help Moda Fabrics and more importantly, ME - clean house?
A huge box arrived today filled with scraps of our debuting collection - Prairie Paisley II.
The strips are what are left over once the salesman samples are cut and assembled. Here are some....
When Moda (I'm talking about you Lissa) sent me a box of these same type of scraps of Charlevoix fabric - I made this....
These scraps are great for any string quilt. Most of the strips are wide enough for almost any type of piecing. Just comment on this post before Midnight Saturday October 8th and three winners will get a large priority mail box stuffed with strips. The rest will be given to a local guild who makes quilts for Quilts of Valor. See, recycling is good for all of us!


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

V For Victory

This is the 3rd quilt featured in our book Victory Girls. It's an abstract take on the letter "V".
It's a wonderful scrap quilt and can be quickly pieced with a 60 degree ruler. Of course, it is an homage to the "V" for victory sign that was ubiquitous during the early 1940's. Remember this guy?
Also, let's hope the "V" for victory sign can be inspirational for a certain sports team that will not be named.

Thanks everyone, for your kind notes regarding the Victory Girls publication. The books have started to drop in mailboxes, book stores, and quilt shops. It was great fun to work on and we are pleased as punch.


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