Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hot! Hot! Hot!

Let's think of cool water breezes and cold bathroom tile today, shall we?

Polly is in Nantucket and I am getting ready to drive to Washington DC for a family wedding. Uh, the computer tells me the DC will have a heat index of 110 today. And if the chance of running into elected officials wasn't a deterrent enough......Hey, it's not as if everywhere we will be won't be air conditioned. Enough with the heat whining. Our main concern is that here in Michigan - we'll get through the hottest day today - with power on. This little chunk of Ann Arbor is notorious for going without power during high energy demand days. Keep your fingers crossed for our house-sitter and Gibby and Roscoe. It looks like we'll get a little break on the weekend.

So, posts for the next few days will probably be non-existent. We still have kits for Polly's last Semper Fi kit and probably will until I get back on Monday. Until then, keep cool!



WoolenSails said...

Polly went to the right place, lol. I am on the right edge of the heat, so we are getting nice breezes in RI, but it is still humid.


Donna said...

Still very cool in Oregon, 57 degrees....thanks for coming, hope to see you next time you are here to take a class.

pdudgeon said...

it's 98 degrees down here in Suffolk, Va with a heat index of 107. tomorrow is supposed to be hotter yet!
think of siting under the cover of a a nice cool gazebo, ceiling fan going,and a pitcher of lemonaid.
Hope you have a wonderful wedding!

edie said...

Heat is the word! Laurie, go ahead, literally run into any elected official you see -- run over -- it would be justifiable homicide, and any jury would give you a large $$$ award!!!!!!!! Have fun!

karen @ badlandsquilts said...

It has been unbearable here in Minnesota since last Saturday with finally a let up hope the cool down makes it your way soon!

Unknown said...

Have fun in DC!(If you can;)

Hotquilts said...

It's 101.7 degrees w/o heat index. Whew! Hope you stay cool in DC. I'm by the AC and doing some applique. I've got a question that you may be better able to solve. While working on a long applique border, how do you deal with the length of it while you are finishing applique areas? Like in La Playa... one section of the border can be rolled up while working on the other border end. What's the best technique to keep this large area rolled up? Pins? Paper clips? Basting it? I'm struggling with a large border while my hands are working on a small section. Any suggestions?

Linda said...

If you are tired of the heat, don't come to Texas, this is our
24th straight day of a 100 degrees or more.
Please pray with us for rain. This is by far the worst summer ever!!
Thank the Lord for ac. :~)

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