Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day


We hope you are all enjoying the holiday with friends and loved ones. Most importantly, say thank you to someone who has served.

We just got back from a parade and had a surprise. Remember last year when a replica of the house that Polly and I grew up in rolled by??This play house was raffled off as a fundraiser for the Village of Dexter. Uh, despite buying handfuls of tickets, no one in the family got it. There was another play house this year, but it wasn't as fantastic as this one - how could it be.

Anyway, this went by today....It is an adaptation of our Stars and Bars quilt. This one was made bed size. It was in the parade to publicize the upcoming Civil War Days in Dexter in 2 weeks. That was fun to see.

Polly & Laurie


Mimi said...

I would say that seeing that quilt had to be a proud moment for you.

sewprimitive karen said...

Wow, that is wonderful!

SueB said...

Now how awesome is that. I would have also loved to have seen it.

Vicky said...

What a wonderful sight to behold! You must have been so proud to see your flag waving past! Happy Memorial Day!

SheilaS said...

Saw the quilt pass by. It was gorgeous! Loved the fabric and wanted to get closer. You are a celebrity in our home town!

antique quilter said...

oh thats one of my favorite quilts you have designed!
how special

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