Saturday, April 9, 2011

Saturday Chores

I am midway through my list of chores today. Next up is cleaning the refrigerator and then baking banana muffins. If they are successful, I'll post the recipe. After a very light round of housekeeping, then it is on to some quilting while watching baseball and hockey on television. Pretty exciting, huh? Actually, I'm looking forward to it.

This was at the Farmer's Market this morning.
Very soon we will see asparagus and other spring vegetables. Not too many edibles yet, except for the new batch of maple syrup. Have a fun and productive weekend, everyone.



Sandra Henderson said...

Pussy Willow! One of the things I miss from up north...Glad you got to get out.
I hate cleaning! Hate it! Its a vicious, infinite, regress!
I had cleaning ladies when I met my husband for my house and my shop, he had one for his house... now we have ME~! ugh.
its really bad too when you live so isolated like we do, cause you never have company so you let it go! then, its heck to pay to get it back in order.

Nancy Anne in the Finger Lakes said...

The package arrived this morning and I immediately tossed the tote bag over my shoulder and headed for 2 of my local LQSs. I garnered lots of attention!! Bought some red and white fabric - I am definitely inspired. My granddaughter and I will be checking out the tat bandages. Thanks again!

antique quilter said...

I love going to farmers markets! yum banana muffins wish I had one right now to go with my morning coffee!

Appalachian Mercantile said...

I didn't go to a farmer's market, I went to the mecca of greenhouses! I have got flower fever something fierce! I did spend some time in my little greenhouse starting seeds, though. My baking chores are today....


Vicky said...

Your farmer's market looks wonderful. I spotted those calla lilies. Those brought back fond memories!

Ter'e said...

When making Banana Muffins...............throw in a handful of chocolate chips and a handful of pecans! YUMMO!
You will do the happy dance for sure!

Marti said...

OH my goodness. These photos warm my heart. I haven't lived near Ann Arbor for almost 14 years, but I still remember how much I loved the Farmer's Market on Saturday mornings. Then off to Zingerman's for lunch...oh yum. Thanks so much for the photos. Spring was covered in snow for me this weekend and this is surely keeping that feeling warm and growing. Thanks. And I'm currently loving your project in AP&Q. Can't wait to get started.

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