Sunday, April 10, 2011

Banana Chocolate Chunk Muffins

(photo courtesy of

This is a banana chocolate chunk muffin from the Clinton Street Baking Company. My pictures didn't turn out as good as this, but I guarantee you they tasted as good as this looks.
The recipe and many, many more just as good are found here.
We are not paid lackeys for the Clinton Street Baking Company - just fans. Big fans.



Kris said...

That would be a luxury muffin here in Australia. Bananas are $15 a kilo here because of the floods/cyclones! It does look delicious though!

Hotquilts said...

Food is always a good memory of a trip. Just ate a lot of fresh seafood during an adventure to the Deep South and the Gulf Coast of Mississippi. People laughed when I took pictures in restaurant, but hey! They like them now that we're back home:)

Pat / Silver Thimble Quilt Co. said...

How many zillion points is that on Weight Watchers? hahaha..Wishing I had one right now can you tell.


SheilaS said...

Muffins-Yum! Okay I saw the picture-gotta have! Went to Borders & purchased the book to go with my cookbook collection of 350+. I have more cookbooks then fabric and I have a lot of fabric. Just ate the muffins & had 2. Husband also had 2. We could not wait the 10 min til they cooled. So-o good! I think it's the bananas as they were chunked and NOT mashed. I didn't have the chocolate so threw in some choc. chips. Thanks for the muffin info-you've never given us a bad recipe yet!

Ter'e said... see.............I told you they were FAB with a little chocolate added in. How did I know? LOL

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