Sunday, March 20, 2011

Make That Scrap Basket Work For You

Have you made some Just One Star blocks?

You still have time. Remember to send them to:

Attn: Just One Star Project
13800 Hutton
Dallas, TX 75234

Have you seen THIS ! Make a couple of simple blocks to be made into quilts for Japan earthquake/tsunami survivors. Beth will make our blocks into quilts. Thanks Beth. I dug through my scrap box this morning and made 3.
Gibby really thinks this is a good idea. I know it's hard to fit in making a quilt for all the needy causes that ask us to, but we all can make a couple of blocks. Our scrap baskets will be happy too.

After I made these and some more Just One Star blocks, I fiddled around with some skinny strips. I made this.
I will cut some more skinny strips, so some free time at the sewing machine will produce another block. I have a dream that someday my scrap bin/tub/mammoth pile of scraps will be depleted. Making blocks for good causes will certainly help.



Lisa said...

Wow, the scrap basket is getting a workout! I adore your little hexagon block, so cute.

Irishgirlsews said...

Yes, all good causes, we can all help to make a difference, human kindness & caring benefits us all!

Mary Grace McNamara said...

My two star blocks are on their way to TX. Wonderful pattern and I love the quilt design they will be using.

That's quite a dream you have about your scrap basket! I think the only way it will come true is if you stop creating with fabric! Let's hope that doesn't happen for a good long time :)


Sue said...

I've made a few Just One Star blocks! So happy to do this!

Thank you also for the information about the blocks for Japan. I'll be happy to get on board for this too!

Love your block you made:)

Megan said...

I cut out my fabrics for a couple of stars tonight - y'all are AWESOME for spearheading this project!

I'm the same way. I keep hoping that my scrap pile will decrease some, but the more quilts I make, the more pieces that get added. I guess it's kind of like sourdough starter that way.

Sharon said...

My stars, along with a few other quilter's stars are moving through USPS as I type, and I'm working on a small quilt for japan.Yes, we can't do it all, but these are both situations that warrant some of my time and I've got more fabric than I can ever use!

Kim said...

If you want to get rid of those scraps I could give them a good home!;) LOL

Unknown said...

made my *Just One Star* block yesterday. Posted about it on my blog...also,yesterday my oldest son joined the military.
thank you for this wonderful gift to our nation's soldiers.

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