Thursday, February 3, 2011

Needle in a Haystack

Isn't he precious. Yes, that is what I think now. Earlier today I vacillated between heartsick and furious when I looked at him. When I woke up this morning I found out he had been busy during the wee hours of the morning. One of my pincushions was in shreds. I had a small lap desk sitting on the coffee table (or antique red wagon if you want to be specific). I have been hand piecing LeMoyne stars. Everything on the lap desk was in place, the way I left it the night before, except for this pincushion. Here is the pincushion in question, on the bottom left of this picture - the cute little stitched mushroom.This picture is of my sewing tools I posted last year. This morning the mushroom pincushion was a mushed mess of wool felt, stuffing, and the bottle cap that made up the base. After a frantic search of the living room I found the pins that were in it, but where was the needle?? Oy! Gibby wouldn't say.

He seemed fine. I wasn't. It was a very long day waiting for an opening at our vet. He pranced in for his exam and kissed all the techs. I told the vet I wouldn't be able to sleep without knowing, so she did a complete set of x-rays. He is hale and hearty and needle free. Thank heavens. The search for the missing needle continues......

It's my fault of course. I left it right at eye and mouth level for him and it looks remarkable like several of his "babies." So as a warning to all of my stitching friends..... hide the pincushions up high.

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Mary Grace McNamara said...

Glad to hear the dog is needle-free!

Many years ago, I left a threaded sewing needle on top of my microwave. I thought it would be safe from my cat. Wrong! While we were eating dinner, she jumped up there, grabbed the thread and ran off. I saw her run away with the thread in her mouth and the needle hanging at the other end. By the time I was able to get her, turn her over and hold her mouth open, the needle had disappeared down her throat!

She spent the next day at the vet getting x-rayed every few hours to see if the needle would pass. It didn't, so they had to open her up and remove it. They even saved the needle and thread for me so I could see it when I picked her up! Ick! She was none the worse for the wear, and continued to live to the ripe old age of 18, chewing on things that didn't belong to her.

I do hope you find your needle. You'll rest easier when you know it is safe!


Monica said...

Lucky you! I wasn't so lucky with my cat Bucky. When I realized the needle was missing, I realized he was too. It took us forever to catch to get him to the vet...and sure 'nough he swallowed it. Luckily when they knocked him out and opened him mouth, the needle was right there in the back of his mouth.

It was a terrifying...and expensive...experience that I'm not eager to repeat.

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

My cat does the same thing ~ any nice pin cushion I've had, the little beast absconds with it ~ drags it around with a trail of pins behind him!! I have to hide them and it sure curbs my desire to buy any more!! These 4-legged kids are something, aren't they? Did you find your needle?

WoolenSails said...

In my house, the cats knocks things over and the dog eats them, so nothing gets left out that I don't want destroyed, lol. I have one cat who likes to eat weird things, so I put my cushion in a drawer at night.


Vicky said...

I've learned the hard way that mini doxies can get things on the coffee table. I've taken one needle out of her gums, but mostly it's been totally destroyed applique blocks. I heart my dog! They're like men -- can't live with them or without them!

Sue said...

Dogs...ya gotta love 'em. Our dog one year ate half a box of rat poison! He is still with us today thankfully. What a scary moment. A good dose of Vitamin K is all it took.

Glad your dog is okay too. And yes, he's a cutie :)

Unknown said...

Our puppy spent his first Easter in the Emergency Animal Clinic. He liked thread and attacked it first and when he got to the needle, he just ate it too. It was lodged in his lower intestine. Fortunately, the surgeon was great and recovery time was short. Now all my sewing things must stay WAY up high!

Michelle said...

There must have been something "in the water" yesterday. I came home to a half eaten TV rmote on the floor and two of my rug hooking magazines in shreds. I was furious! Then they give you the "puppy dog look" and you realize that those items are replaceable. . . .but you can still be mad for awhile. :)

Vickie E said...

thank goodness he didn't swollow the needle! my heart was sinking reading this and then relief.

Rita said...

Years ago, our golden retriever did the same thing. I was terrified that he ate my pins. Thankfully, he was okay.

Anonymous said...

YIKES!!!! Lucky Gibby!!! Lucky you!! This has always been one of my biggest fears. I always use those magnetic pin holders but I still always search the floor when I'm done sewing. My crazy collie would scarf anything he could find on the floor.

PamKittyMorning said...

Ohhhh dogs dogs dogs. My Rocket has put pins in his mouth before, he just rolled them around in his mouth and I could hear them clicking on his teeth. Bad boy Gibby. Thank Goodness he's needle free. I know your worry!

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