Friday, February 18, 2011

Day 18 and Odds and Ends

Happy Friday everyone! Make sure to stop over at Deb's blog today for Day 18 of the Pillow Talk Blog Hop. Deb is one of the grande dames of Moda. (Not the grande dame definition of being old. No. The definition of being experienced in their field. Yep.) She still looks like a co-ed, but just get her started about her grand babies!!! She is one proud grandma.

Click here for the cutest thing you will see on the internet today.

Polly and I just heard that our Mackinac Island Workshop on Mother's Day weekend is getting very popular. While there are still a few openings in the rug hooking classes, we are adding another session for the Chippewa Nine Patch quilt. Those few remaining places won't last long.I have one kit left over from a recent class. It is Patrick's Patchwork kit. All the fabrics for the top and binding, and the pattern are available for $110.00. If you are interested, email me here.
Oh, and Kathy H and MommaRock - I still haven't heard from you - email me here for you Blog Hop prizes.

Remember the Snowpocalypse we had here a couple of weeks ago?? Gone. All gone. This weekend will be spent picking up the back yard to see what Gibby had buried in the snow this winter. Right now, looking out the dining room window I can see a Frisbee, a boomerang, and about a dozen bones.



Vicky said...

Man, I wanted to attend the retreat so badly, but with developments at work, I won't be able to go. You guys have a ton of fun, and take some stitches for me!! And put me down as a definite for next year!!!!

WoolenSails said...

The next show we have here is the machine expo, might try and make it this year to see what is new.


SharoninStitches said...

Put me down for next year too! and I'll start saving my pennies now. I've lived in MI all my life and I am ashamed to say I haven't been on the Island but I know it's gorgeous and what fun your workshop will be amidst all that glorious blue water.

Pookie said...

I so wish Schnookie and I could go to the retreat! It sounds like so much fun! Also, our LQS has Chippewa Nine-Patch out on the prime location display spot right now -- it looks amazing. It's such a striking pattern.

Tina said...

I just love your dog! What a character!

Michele said...

Glad your snow has melted :) Sounds like a fun retreat.....I wish it was closer :)

Carol Sc said...

I won't be able to attend the workshop (darn), but, I noticed the contact person is a quilter I met and quilted with at retreats at the Terrace Inn, in Petoskey. Will have to e-mail her to say "hi". I have a kit for the Chippewa Nine Patch ---hope to get started on it soon. Very disappointed in Cabrera. ...and, more snow predicted for the weekend --- YUK!!

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