Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Day 9

Did you visit Kate Spain's and Kansas Troubles blogs the past couple of days? You know, when all the Moda designers are lucky enough to get together, we are just like anyone else - awed by our colleagues talent. We congratulate and encourage each other. But, I must say, when Kate Spain shared that she used to design the wares for Hello Kitty - we, as a group, gasped. Damn, that's some serious pop culture street cred.

What is going on in the frigid mid section? Stars, mostly. Lots of 'em.
I'm almost ready to start sewing them together.

Are you catching up on all the sleep habits of the Moda designers? Pretty scandalous - NOT. Make sure to come back on Saturday, for all our tales. Tales of things done.....

Or which one of us is the......

Here is the rest of the line-up for the Pillow Talk Blog Hop.

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pdudgeon said...

Oh those stars look so great! i know that quilt is gonna be beautiful. makes me itch to start some handpiecing myself. thanks for the tutorial and the encouragement.

missavene said...

Oh yes all the moda designers have been a riot to read especially Barb and Mary lol! The quilt looks gorgeous..... and I love the movie 'while you were sleeping' :) Just sayin'

Ann said...

ROFL at your comment about Kate Spain - that was my reaction exactly!

Sharon (Stitches on Mars) said...

Must admit, I like to recycle old Tees...they are just sooo comfy :)
I have been loving this blog hop...discovering lots of new blogs...maybe not a good thing to read LOL
Hugs, Sharon

nancyGS said...

Love the pillow all of my favorite things are on it, While you were sleeping is my favorite movie.

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