Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Burning the Midnight Oil

We heard from American Patchwork & Quilting that a little quilt we did will be in the next issue. It will be the June issue, but that means it will start being mailed out at the beginning of April. (don't try to figure out the scheduling of magazine publishing dates - it will drive you mad) So, I am getting a few kits together. Like many of my quilts, even though it is small, it will have about 35 fabrics in it. Basically a little bit of everything - my favorite way to make a quilt. This is us, trying to get ahead of the game.
I think we will post it on our website the last week of March, so look for it then.

The strangest thing happened last weekend. On Friday it was a warm sunny day. Warm for February, anyway. On Saturday it was bright and sunny, but cool. All of our snow had melted and I'm afraid we had a bit of spring fever. Bill and I barbecued on Saturday. We put on a pork shoulder over indirect coals for 7 hours and had delectable North Carolina Pulled Pork The fragrant smoke bewitched our whole neighborhood. ALL DAY. So, you won't be surprised that on Sunday we had 10" of snow. Yep, it's all our fault. Sorry.

No, the weather gods don't like you rushing spring.

Today is the last day of the Pillow Talk Blog Hop and the last stop is over at Moda Lissa's place. Make sure to comment for a triple top-secret prize.

Thanks for all the emails and comments I received on the baby picture on our Blog Hop post. (Lissa even posted it today). I don't mind posting pictures that are actually flattering and/or cute. Our whole family is blessed with adorable baby pictures, each one cuter than the next. Here is our great nephew Mason from 2 years ago.
What did I tell you...

Unfortunately for me, the baby picture is the best one ever taken of me and it's been all downhill since then. Mason seems to be having better luck with the photogenic gene.



WoolenSails said...

Love the fabrics, will have to check out that issue.
I think we have all had enough snow;)


Pookie said...

I LOVE when Schnookie gets the smoker out. I imagine knocking on all the doors in the neighborhood to say, "You're welcome for making this place smell like delicious, delicious smoked pork!" :D

Strlady said...

A pattern treat in the next issue? Yeah!! I will be waiting with batted breath.
Now stop tempting the weather gods. Spring needs to arrive..Now!!!

Vicky said...

I'm a horrible picture taker, too! Guess you and I will never get memoralized together on film! :) Will look forward to seeing your quilt in the mag!

Pam said...

So awesome! Can't wait to get my AP&Q!! I ordered a "Lot" of (60+) quilting magazines from Ebay and the first two that I opened have your quilts in them! I cobbled together some Bar Harbor, Wiscasset & American Primer fabrics to recreate the house quilt from APQ and I'm trying to do the same for Paisley Parade (from Quilt Sampler 2008) - I just love these!!

PamKittyMorning said...

Oh so it was your fault? It sure is hard to ignore the nice days when they are so few and far between. I raked up more leaves the past couple of days. We had some cold CA weather, kid stuff, but then it's back to pulling weeds and trying to get ahead. What a darling nephew.

J-me said...

I LOVE your fabrics and can't wait to add more to my stash.

Cyn said...

Hi Laurie,

Here I thought I caused the snow since I put my winter boots away for the season only two days before the snow arrived! I should have known to wait until after President's Day. We received 7" of snow here in central Maryland but it's almost all gone now.

Looking forward to seeing the new pattern!


Janet said...

I thought I had become immune to great baby pictures, but this one just melted me! What's not to like - fresh, clean, smiling baby on a red white and blue quilt, in a rocking chair that fits perfectly!!!
Looks like winter is having one more kick at the can out here on the east coast this morning while I stitch away on my version of your Poppies and Stars quilt using Prairie Paisley! Love that line!

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