Monday, January 31, 2011

Hand Piecing

I am working on a quilt right now that has some LeMoyne Stars in it. While most of the quilt is machine pieced - I am hand piecing the LeMoyne stars. I could machine piece it of course, but all that stopping and starting and making sure to be exactly on the "dot"..... well, it sort of assumes that I know what I'm doing on the sewing machine. That assumes a lot. But hand piecing, no problem. Actually it is quite fun. I haven't hand pieced in awhile; my hand work lately has been appliqueing and hand quilting.

I cut out all of my pieces with a rotary cutter with the seam allowances added - just like you do for machine piecing. What I also cut out was a plastic template for each shape of the block (3 shapes - diamond, square, and triangle). On this template I punched a 1/16" hole at the seam allowance intersections.Using this template I marked a dot on every fabric piece - at the seam allowance intersection. This is where I will be stopping and starting my hand piecing. When I start at a dot, I back stitch on top of the dot again - instead of a knot. This is what the stitches look like as I sew.Soon I will have several units that look like this.
I'll show more tomorrow - this post is getting a bit long......

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Sue said...

I love to hand stitch and hand quilt too and the LeMoyne star is much easier to hand piece than by machine.

I can't wait to see the res of this. Lookin' good:)

pdudgeon said...

i think i can figure out the handsewn joining of two pieces of fabric. but when a third piece is joined into the two (like the intersection of the diamonds and the point of the background triangle)do you start the stitch in the triangle and then weave it thru the two diamonds, and then back thru the triangle?

i've got some Civil War quilt blocks that i'd like to hand piece, but the above type of joinings have me a bit puzzled.

Sharon said...

I love to hand stitch Lemoyne stars, the points and center just work so much better. Then I machine piece them into whatever setting I've used.

WoolenSails said...

I have never done points like that, by hand or machine, lol. I am doing hexagons and that is enough for me. I admire work with all of the stars in them, someday I will sit down and try one.


Taryn said...

I am very impressed with how even your hand stitching is. What size needle do you use? I am another who loves to hand piece LeMoyne stars. I am in the process of sewing 400 of them. Your stitches put mine to shame.

SheilaS said...

Thanks Laurie-I needed that lesson. Lemoyne Stars are my downfall. I'll try your way.
P.S. Our 2 youngest grand daughters received Minick and Simpson (different patterns) made by Gma quilts for X-mas this year and they both loved them.

Jeanne (RED) said...

Thank you muchly for the hints on sewing and the photo of your incredible stitches--WOW--so neat and little! I can't imagine this quilt coming apart at the seams! I have made a quilt with the LeMoyne Star in it and I remember how cool the the "flower" looked (in the seamed middle of the block when I pressed the back! Thanks, again, for sharing your hints. Jeanne L. in a snowy cold MO

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