Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!!

Both Polly and I are back from our family travels and are going to ring in the New Year at home. The wedding of Lorelei and Dan in Texas was lovely and we are so happy for them. I hope to post pictures from the event soon (good pictures - real pictures). What I managed to get on the blackberry is a bit meager. Here are the best two - the morning of the wedding the ladies involved spent the day at the salon. Here is Lorelei getting a "Texas Up-Do".And Krista, the maid of honor, getting her finishing touches.
Besides Lorelei and Krista, the 3 moms were pampered too. (Mother of the Bride, Pam; Mother of the Groom, Joyce; and Step Mom of the Bride - me). The best of all to the newlyweds in 2011.

Back in the damp and dreary Midwest, we are happy to be home with the dog and kitties. The next big chore will be getting all the paperwork in order for taxes and doing a bit of inventory for Minick and Simpson enterprises. (This involves me in the basement, with a calculator and a cranky demeanor), In anticipation of said inventory...... we will have a little sale to start 2011. The few kits of La Playa that we have - will be priced at $140.00 and that includes all fabric for the top, the pattern, the sand pail in which it is packaged - and shipping (U.S. only for this price - please email me here if you are interested in international shipping)Just type in "New Year" in the add any details part of the order and the price will be adjusted on the final sale. Also to help the inventory headache...... order any two patterns this week and get a 3rd for free. Type in the third pattern (same price or lesser price) in the add any details part of the order and we'll get them out to you pronto.


Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Holiday Wish

As this year wraps up, we look forward to 2011. Polly and I will be as busy in the new year as we ever have. There will be workshops in Oregon and Nebraska and we'll write about those more later, but the first one coming up will be on Mackinac Island in May. It is Mother's Day weekend to be specific, and we are honored to be the opening the summer season there.
The spot will be the Grand Hotel. It truly lives up to it's name. A more luxurious place would be hard to find. You can find out all about the workshops here. {pdf}
This is what we will be making...... Chippewa Nine Patch.....

Or maybe a wool stitched pillow.....

Polly will offer this hooked rug...
Or one of these adorable hooked purses.Registrations starts January 2nd. Remember that the room fees include your meals at the Grand Hotel. This is not just an inconsequential add-on or afterthought. The meals here are truly Grand also. So Grand, that there is a dress code. This will be a memorable weekend so start making your plans now.
We hope to see you there.

We also hope you get everything you wish for this holiday season...... maybe even a red Etch-a-Sketch to match your red shoes!
Polly and Laurie

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Gift Winners

Wow, there are a lot of recyclers out there. That's good to hear. Loved all the re-gifting stories.

The winners of the Petit Four™ bags are


Cindi P

Email me here and they will be sent quick as a wink.

Stay warm, everyone. I know the next few days will be very busy.(snow dog on the streets of Bucharest Romania)

Laurie and Polly

Saturday, December 18, 2010


Did you read Carrie's post about her ribbon obsession? I can relate. Carrie and I do keep in touch about other things too, and in my last email to her I thanked her for the ribbon inspiration. "Now I have something to blog about too." People, we take inspiration where ever we can. Just be grateful I didn't decide to post about my groceries again.

So.... ribbon. I have been using the same ribbon on my packages for years. Years. Probably about 30 years. Where do I begin? Well, for one thing. I started quilting before rotary cutters existed. There was a time when I made a template of my quilt shapes (sans seam allowance) and took this template and traced on yardage and then cut out each piece with scissors and a seam allowance I judged "by eye." The seam allowance was less important, because I was hand piecing and sewing on the drawn seam line. Yes, I am as old as dirt.

So..... when I was cutting this yardage out, whenever I needed big pieces for borders and backings, I did not use the scissors. I tore fabric. And, I am going to admit that when I need large pieces for borders and backings I still tear fabric. Do not judge.

So.....when I tore this fabric, I also tore off the selvages. Tons and tons of them. I kept them and put them in a basket and kept them for ribbons for packages. It was well known in my family that whenever they got a present with a weird cloth-like ribbon, it was from me. I still have several baskets of selvages that will live out their destiny as ribbon.So.... a couple of years ago my niece was having a baby shower. She was handed a present and without looking at any tag said, "This is from my Aunt Laurie". She was asked how she knew and she said - "The ribbon." So.... she was untying the ribbon and her eyes got very big. "WOW. How did you get yours and aunt Polly's name on this ribbon?" I told her "I know people." Seriously, one of the best perks of designing fabric is having your own personalized ribbon.Speaking of presents... Polly and I are re-gifting. This was sent to us by Lissa and Deb at Moda and we want to give it to you.
A whole bag of Petit Fours ™ . There are 2 bags, actually. If you comment on this post about anything at all, or maybe about recycling (ribbon) or re- gifting (we won't tell) and make your comment before midnight on Tuesday December 21st, you could win a bag of Petit Fours ™.


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Endings and Beginnings

Today I am sending off (if I can find boxes big enough) about a year's worth of projects, drawings, stuff to Kansas City Star for a book. Polly has shipped off all her stuff last week. It's good to finally be finished and the wait between now and the eventual publication date will be too long. So, the year of secret projects and vague hints will continue. Sorry.

After the trip to Texas for the wedding, I have several big projects to start in the new year, one of which is the dreaded taxes. The less said about that the better. So, the Christmas shopping is done, as is the Christmas baking. What to do??

First of all, I have finished off a half done applique block that has been hanging around my coffee table/antique red wagon for months.
That makes 4 blocks done - out of the nine. The pattern is from Barb and Alma's "When the Cold Wind Blows" and it is the Love Letters quilt. This quilt is for nothing special at all. No deadline. No agenda. It just makes me happy. I don't get to stitch on it very often, but it is such a treat when I do. I believe I will design a new border to go with Barb and Alma's blocks. I have no idea yet, but I'll let the idea stew for a bit longer before I get out the paper and pencil.

There is also another project that languished in the red wagon this year..... a scrap quilt that I am hand quilting. It was my prototype for the Patrick's Patchwork pattern.
The next few evenings will find me quilting on this. All the while, letting my mind wander to the newer, larger projects in 2011. Happy stitching.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Another Good Day to Bake

If you are in the Midwest, you might be snowed in by the end of the day. There is about 3 inches on the ground right now as I type this, and it is snowing like the last scene of White Christmas.

It's was a good day to bake yesterday and it looks like a good day to continue to do so. But First..... the winners of the Charlevoix Pre-cuts are:




Please email me here and I will get these out to you pronto.
p.s. For all of you with cable tv.... White Christmas is on tonight on AMC.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Charlevoix Pre-cuts are here.

I am glad to say that Wednesday is way better than Monday. Once I got a human on the phone at, my problem was solved. The correct slipper socks are one their way - and with an extra discount. Yeah! But, they can't get here soon enough. If it isn't cold enough, Bill is getting ready to go out and play hockey. Outside. It's kind of a big deal. He's going to skate a few shifts here.
Some of the locals will have a game there tonight - a few days before the Big Chill.

I'll just be watching the Big Chill on t.v. as I have other plans this weekend. I am going to make these.These are some peppermint chocolate cookies make by pookie and schnookie. I will make some caramel corn and some other things too. Santa has asked me to get these to some very good children this Christmas. I'm really looking forward to it.

And for those of you who asked for a better view of the silver tree.....Gibby says "Hey!"

And now...the important stuff. Make a comment here about Christmas baking. Are you doing it? Not doing it? What are you making? Links to recipes will be appreciated by all. If you comment before midnight Saturday, December 11th you could win one of these.A Chippewa Nine Patch pattern and a Charleviox Charm pack™
Or a Janie's Quilt pattern and a bunch of Petit Fours™
Or a Liberty Road pattern and a Honey Bun™

Keep warm, everyone.


Monday, December 6, 2010


The Christmas Spirit did make a short appearance yesterday. Bill and I attacked the ELEVEN tubs/bins/crates of Christmas decorations in the basement and attic and came up with one silver tree. The rest will hibernate another year. This is my icicle tree. It's fitting as it is cold here. So cold, I kept the hockey game up behind it. Frigid. We were spoiled by a sunny and bright and beautiful fall and the sudden arrival of winter has been sort of rude. It's twenty degrees today. Not particularly startling for Michigan in winter, but it was practically balmy up until Thanksgiving. Anyway......

Did you "cyber shop" last Monday? I did. One of my purchases was for myself. I wanted an old fashioned pair of toasty warm slipper socks. I have been checking the porch everyday since for their arrival. Here they are.
And they're RED. What's not to love? Well, for one thing, they are the wrong size. Really wrong. These are a men's size 12. Sigh. And hey, what is up with the box you sent them in??
Yep, one pair of admittedly large slipper socks in a box big enough for several dozen pairs. Sigh.
Oh, and the return page on is not working and neither is their phone number. Double sigh.

One bit of good news on this cold Monday - we have La Playa kits back in stock. Order today and I guarantee it will be the right size and shipped in an appropriate box. Happy Monday.


Saturday, December 4, 2010

Deck The Halls

This was the weekend to decorate. Bill is at a hockey tournament and I haven't got the gumption to tackle all the boxes in the basement by myself. So, for now..... decorating is on hold. Since we will be leaving the day after Christmas to go to Dallas for the wedding.... decorating has not been a priority this year. Polly is getting ready to leave a week before Christmas so she is feeling the same way. How about a little "virtual" decorating with some pictures of Polly's home from past holidays.This post is more for me than anyone. I need to get "in the holiday spirit". Now.

Thanks, I needed that. Look for more holiday posts and a give-away later this week. Ho Ho Ho.


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