Tuesday, November 23, 2010

What Else? Shopping, of Course!

After fitting in museum visits, eating, sight seeing and sleeping into the 36 hours - what was left? Shopping. Duh. I am a sucker for museum gift shops. New York City does not disappoint. The MOMA Design shop is someplace where you could lose yourself for several days. Unfortunately, I was discouraged from taking pictures there. Not to worry. Here was the LEGO shop at Rockefeller Center. No, I didn't buy lego's, but I wanted to. This dragon wound himself through all the rooms of the shop, and yes, he is completely made of legos.
Across the street was the Anthropoligie store. Well, they have those all over, you say. Yes, but did you know the best part of Anthropologie is the merchandising? Each store is different and believe me, the best designers go to the high traffic stores, like the one by Rockefeller Center.This huge pine cone was in the front window. It is made from recycled burlap bags. It is over 6 feet tall. The theme of the store was nature. Rivers and trees made from found items moved through the store.
This huge sun on one wall was made up of hundreds of mittens. New York City IS the place to be for "window shopping".

Polly and I also had lots of fun window shopping at all the home stores in SOHO. Each little shop has a specific theme. One of our stops was Purl. Purl is a little gem of a place chock full of colorful yarn, thread, and fabric. Whoo-hoo. Down the street was another shop - everything in the store was white. Everything. Except for this.As you probably know, everything in Polly's home is either blue or white (with a smattering of red). We did stop and ponder, but no one at her home plays pool and she is in a condo, and wow, this was just massive. It is pretty eye-catching, though.



Jeanne (RED) said...

Laurie, Thanks so much for posting your N.Y. pictures! My dh and I took a trip 2 yrs. ago and we just loved the energy and sites! We stayed near Times Square, saw a play, rode the subway, and saw the tree in Rockafeller Plaza. We want to go back! (Of course it may be different if you live there!)I was interested in seeing Purl because I get their emails and they have such neat stuff! Thanks for bringing some memories back, it looks like you had a whirlwind fabuloso fun time! Good for you and Polly and Tim! Jeanne L.

Anonymous said...

Laurie, and Polly I just wanted to take a moment to wish you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving day, thank you for your lovely posts..IzzyR

Jan PATEK said...

Awesome photos. Sounds like a fun trip. Went there years ago and loved it. However they have apartment complexes that have more people than our whole town. Was also glad to get back to our more open spaces but it was great for awhile. Have a great Thanksgiving, both of you. And I think Polly should get the pool table if they'll change the felt to blue:).

Cyn said...

Love the dragon! Yes, I love Legos. :-)

Enjoyed all of the pictures. Thanks so much for sharing.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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