Sunday, November 7, 2010


Bill and I made time today to see the movie Secretariat. We went, of course, because we were tipped by the intrepid readers of this blog (Thank you Logan!) that our Prairie Paisley fabric was used in some of the costumes. Indeedy it was!
The groom's shirt on Derby Day is our blue, medium scale paisley. Logan was right again when she said she thought a plaid shirt earlier in the film could be ours too. Yep, it was. Pinch me. Definitely a thrill to see something you created up on the big screen. A big Minick and Simpson thanks to the costume designers Michael T. Boyd and Julie Weiss for imagining our look works for the early 1970's. It did. Remember the early 70's??? Some of the clothes were less than stellar. Diane Lane looked fantastic, tailored, and very, very 1970's. She might have been the most stylish "housewife" of 1973. (Lane's character was often referred to as "housewife" in the film, and they weren't being gracious about it). What about the movie??? It's terrific. Lovely, inspiring, and very family friendly. We give it a thumbs up.



Minick and Simpson said...

We will see tomorrow - had to wait and get the "thumbs up" that it was not sad or heartbreaking. Will be fun to see our fabric on the big screen.

Vicky said...

I really want to see this movie. I remember being a big Secretariat fan! And the icing on the cake will be seeing your fabric!! That's so cool!

MWalker said...

We saw that movie a few weeks ago. I got a big kick as a housewife seeing another housewife sinking her teeth into her dream and never letting go. It was very inspiring!

irishgirlsews said...

Haven't seen the movie yet, we plan to soon. I had a dress just like Diane Lane's (I made it) purchased the fabric at Burdines Dept. Store, wore it with my pink Bernardo sandals.....don't hate me or be jealous of me....but I can still fit into my Bernardo sandals that I wore in High School!!!LOL

Carol Sc said...

Wow --- look at those plaid pants! Hopefully, some of the fashion will NOT come back as retro! This will definitely be on by watch list.

Carrie said...

You went to a movie? How did you have time for that?

Don't you know Spring Market is only six months away? Get to work! You're behind schedule already! :)

Glad you're home safe and sound ~ Charlevoix is gorgeous and I think it's going to be "huge". You and Polly deserve no less. :)

Logan said...

Glad you loved the movie!

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