Friday, November 19, 2010

New York Part II

Even if you are not a city person, you cannot escape the charm and romance of New York. Yes, it's loud, crowded, expensive, and everyone is in a hurry, (We love that!!) but what a remarkable hubbub it all is. No one can talk about all that New York offers, without mentioning the food. All we can say is, go hungry. We had one dinner together in the city, so choosing a place was important. We went to one of our favorites - Balthazar! Elegant, yet completely casual. Every meal we have had here has been better than the last. This year was wonderful! We had dinner with our dear friends Glenn and Art. Fine dining and great conversation.

Balthazar looks like it has been there forever, but it's less than 20 years old. It is always rated one of the best the city has to offer and yet, it seems like a neighborhood joint. Don't forget the bakery located next door. Yum.

The next morning Polly and I headed over to The Clinton Street Baking Company Go really hungry. We had heard the pancakes were the BEST. They are. It's a little place in the lower east side. You could easily walk by without noticing it. Do not make that mistake. Polly noticed that most everyone in the tiny cafe ordered the pancakes. She also noticed that everyone, once served, took a picture of the pancakes. I did too. But, alas, that photo did not turn out. Sorry. (I snatched this one from their website)That is warm maple butter in the ramekin.

That, just the tip of the iceberg. If you are a Foodie - New York is the place to be.

This time of year everything is getting decorated for the holidays. Store windows at Christmastime in New York can be the whole reason for your trip. One of the holiday highlights is the windows at Barney's. This year the Barney theme was Foodies. You know, chefs, restaurateurs and all of us who love them. One of our favorite windows was one of Ina Garten, Martha Stewart, and Paula Deen all decked out in snuggies. Notice the butter stuffed into Paula Deen's pockets.
For more pictures of the windows at Barney's, check out today's post over at Habitually Chic.

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pat sloan said...

oh how fun! i was at a food expo and took a pic of myself with the Paula Deen cutout!

WoolenSails said...

Those pancakes do look delicious.
Looks like you NY was lots of fun.


Vicky said...

Those pancakes alone would be worth the airfare! Sounds like you had a lovely time!

And I put up a blog post tonight about the Semper Fi Fund and your gorgeous auction items! Thank you!

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