Monday, November 15, 2010

Making Do

How is everyone? We are all fine here. I am getting ready to get up early tomorrow and go to the airport. I am meeting Polly in New York City for 2 days and I need to make lists and get everything in order. NYC people!!!! Let's hope we have glamorous stories and photos when we get back.

Remember when I posted a photo of my new bathroom sink faucet this summer? Well, it is finally installed. (Don't ask). The whole process was a lesson in "making do". The new sink and faucet was needed because of a plumbing problem. Once we found out that we didn't have to take out a wall (Yeah!!), we tried to solve the problem of the new sink. The old sink is original to the 1952 house. It was tiled into the cabinet in all of it's 1952 tile glory. We thought, if we could chip out the old sink, and not make too big of a hole in the tile - we could just replace the sink and faucet. If chipping out the sink didn't work - then the whole tile counter-top would need to be replaced, and then tile backsplash and then basically all the tile in the bathroom. You know, a whole bathroom re-model. So if we were careful, we could save that 1952 tile.

Why save it you ask?? Well, mostly, we didn't want to live through the re-model. We have lived through other remodels and we don't have the heart for it anymore. And 1952 tile??!! Hey, it's retro, and almost cool. Almost. If I call it "Mid Century Modern" - it definitely sounds cool.

So here is my Mid Century Modern sink and faucet. Notice the original cabinets. They are so retro that they are almost cool too.Just think, all the money we saved on the remodel can be spent on fabric. Priorities!

When I was in my sewing room an hour ago making my lists for the upcoming trip I found this under piles of stuff.
It was my proto-type for the Spooky quilt pattern.I design in a couple of different ways. This time, I just started playing around with fabric and got into my scrap basket. I made triangle blocks until the proportions looked right, then put on a border. The pattern was written looking at the red and cream quilt. We didn't have the Halloween Night fabric yet from the mill. Once the pattern was written, the quilt on the cover was digitally made using fabric scans sent on the computer from the mill.

It is definitely a make-do quilt. It uses scraps beautifully. The red and cream version is one of my favorite scrap quilts yet, and since I rediscovered it this morning - I think I will hand quilt it.
See, nothing going to waste. If you would like the Spooky pattern and order from our website - I will also include the Treats not Tricks pattern for free. 2 patterns for the price of one - and you can use the money you saved for more fabric!!



arlyce said...

the bathroom sink is really cool...but I really like the quilt top more! As you say, priorities. And this from someone who needs major plumbing work in her bathroom.

Pookie said...

Congratulations on avoiding a messy remodel! That calls for celebration! (Can blog readers use "someone else avoided a remodel" as an excuse to buy celebratory fabric?)

Also, I adore the borders on the red-and-cream quilt. Someday I'll be clued in enough to be able to cut borders as perfectly as those.

terry said...

do you need a lackey for NYC? Oh how i so want to go and especially with someone who knows their way ( I am a bit intimidated). have a great time.

PatSloan said...

Have a fab-o trip to the big apple.. but do not buy any more mid century tile. hehe!!

Janet said...

I love the red and cream scrap quilt - it will be SO wonderful hand quilted! I do hope you'll show us a peek of your progress every once and awhile :0)
Back when you did those excellent posts about handquilting you were working on a gorgeous quilt with lots of berries, flowers and stems. Did you finish it? Will we get to see it? I don't remember seeing one like it in your pictures of your booth in Houston so perhaps its still under wraps?

Minick and Simpson said...


I did finish the berry quilt and it is on it's way to Kansas City Star. It, and several other quilts and rugs will be in a new book published next summer. I will post more pictures of it closer to publication. Thanks


Jan PATEK said...

Love your sink and the tile. I do agree about the total redos. Not ready for another one either. Does Gibby get cranky when you leave? My Bully sure does. Do have a good time in NYC and be safe.

Lori said...

I adore the border fabrci fabric in your red and white quilt. How nice to "find" it!!

Janet said...

Gotta love that midcentury modern sink and cabinet!!! I found something neat yesterday too while moving some of the stash filled totes at my studio - a wonderful 1950's log cabin quilt top in solid lavenjder and a wonderful jungly botanical print in shafes of purple, lavender and aqua - so so 50's! I think I will be handquilting it this winter to sell on my vintage linens website.
Loving it!!

PamKittyMorning said...

Gosh I love the sink and the 50's bathroom. I would never change it. I would love a 50's house that someone didn't mess with and put in some modern kitchen and baths. Ruiners.

anyway. love you and all your stuff. the end. xo

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