Sunday, November 21, 2010

Location, Location, Location

We stayed at a new hotel when we were in New York. We had to. They are tearing down our old one. This new one was picked because of the location. The Warwick is a lovely old hotel and we will definitely go back there. It was one block away from this.
This iconic piece of New York art! I have seen it in film many times, but had not seen it in person.

The Warwick is also 1 block away from this.
Both the American Folk Art Museum and The Museum of Modern Art. There is a new quilt exhibit going on right now.
Again, I have seen this quilt many times in books, but to see it in person was a treat. Why don't I make a quilt with a plain background like this?? I am a hand quilter, aren't I?? It's going on the "to-do" list. Here are some other quilts that have been in lots of books, but now we can say we saw them in person.
I love the goofy tree in this beauty.The Warwick is also 2 blocks away from Rockefeller Center! Rockefeller Center, that is home to NBC in New York and is a gathering spot for New Yorkers and tourists. (and let's not forget - Rockefeller Center, the meeting place of Polly and Tim Gunn!) Oh, the Art Deco! You know, it's just around the corner from Radio City Music Hall and you know what that means this time of year.... The Christmas Show with the Rockettes. Sadly, we didn't see it this year (but there is always next year). And Christmas at Rockefeller Center means the TREE. It hasn't been lit yet - but this is what it looks like right now as it gets draped with a trillion lights.
Yes, the tree is at least 10 stories tall. It's hard to grasp the size of the thing unless you are underneath it. This is the view across the skating rink. The scaffolding hides the lovely sculpture of Prometheus.
I wish I could ice skate well, for no other reason than to glide along at this famous and lovely place. More later.



Anonymous said...

That goofy tree is an Apple tree, yum, yum. Very interesting to see how BIG Christmas trees are decorated - scaffolding!! - weird. Your new old hotel definately has location location location.

Thanks for the quick trip to the city.

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Love your pictures of NYC! I've been there twice ~ not for a long time now ~ my husband hated it ~ I loved it ~ would go back in a heartbeat! Thanks for sharing!

Vicky said...

Those quilts are exquisite! Gorgeous applique, but that patriotic one really got my attention. I haven't been to NY in over 16 years, since I moved to CA. Used to go every fall and shop! :)

S. said...

OK, Inquiring minds wanna know... did you get any new quilt books? Loved the NYC tour and seeing the quilts "in person".Thank you

PatSloan said...

Should I trip on up there to see those quilts In person??? You guys look like you are having a blast!

Kwiltsfl said...

Love Robert Indiana's sculpture! I've seen the one at the Indianapolis Museum of Art many times. I bet the quilt exhibits were wonderful!

Pookie said...

I'm SO excited to see the American Folk Art Museum quilt exhibit -- we're going in two weeks! I can't wait! Also, isn't it fun to see all the scaffolding around the tree? I avoided the tree at all costs when I was in NYC for school, but now I think it's so much fun to see.

Jocelyn said...

Thanks for the lovely tour of NYC. I was born there, and have not been back in over 30 years. Now I have a hankering to go back once more ;-)

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