Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Excuse Me!

We are back home from a too short visit to our favorite city - New York. Polly arrived in the Big Apple on Monday, while I didn't get in until early Tuesday morning. (Yes, only 34 jam packed hours for me). That's alright. It just means we can't wait to get back for our next visit. While I was packing Monday evening for the trip, I got a phone call from Polly.......

"Guess who I just ran into?"

"I don't know, who?"


"Where are you?"

"Rockefeller Center"

"Um, I don't know, who?"

"He's a famous New Yorker"

"I give up. Who?"

Literally.... ran into. Or, Mr. Gunn ran into Polly while he was texting. As expected, he was polite.

I miss all the fun.

More tales of glamorous encounters and spine tingling adventures tomorrow.



Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

I hope Polly survived the crash without any damage!

WoolenSails said...

I have no idea who he is, lol.
Shows you how much I travel;)


Logan said...

Wow. Poor Polly! I'm not going to lie...I had to google him:)

Libby said...

Be still my heart - Tim Gunn! I would still be walking on air *s*

Susan said...

Tim Gunn the sweetest man alive in NYC!!! I would have been begging him to have lunch with me and knowing how sweet he is he probably would have said yes and treated....hugs...Susan

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Little did he know that he also ran into someone famous ~ a famous hooker ~ rug hooker, that is!!!!!!!

lovetostitch said...

I hope it wasn't literally!! Did he divulge any good secrets? Can't wait to hear the details!!

Pat / Silver Thimble Quilt Co. said...

OMG Tim G. I'm so jealous. The sweetest man on the planet. I want to know the scoop on Gretchen's win.
It is killin me. I haven't recovered yet.


Jocelyn said...

That's the way it is in NY. You never know who you will run into on the street or in an elevator.

Pookie said...

EEEEEEEEE!!! That's awesome! Polly's so lucky!!!

I went to college in NYC and all my friends would see the coolest poeple all the time (one of them even gave Leonardo DiCaprio directions) but in the entire four years I was there the only "celebrity" I saw on the street was Colin Quinn from SNL. What a bummer. (That was made up for, however, earlier this year when Schnookie and I walked on a narrow staircase right next to John Oliver from Daily Show. Squeeeeee! Still, that's no "Tim Gunn bumped into me at Rockefeller Center".)

kelley said...

Lucky Polly...I adore Tim goosebumps just thinking about running in to him!

arlyce said...

Wow! Thousands, if not millions, would have been over the moon to have been in Polly's place...and as many would have felt the same to have been in Tim's!

Minick and Simpson said...

Must admit - was fun. Laurie and I have been lucky when in NYC. I am not sure he was texting or reading his phone, but phone in hand, had his attention - worked for me.

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