Thursday, July 8, 2010

House Guest

We have a house guest. Leigh Ann and her family are taking their annual trip to the beach and we have Otto. Otto, the smartest dog in the world. When he arrived 3 hours ago he ran up to the porch and swatted at the door handle. When several attempts of pawing it didn't get the wanted results, he bodychecked the door. He was anxious to get in and visit Gibby. After 3 hours of doggy spit, muddy paw prints, and puppy wrestling, the two are finally at rest. I spent the day cleaning the house. I'm glad I didn't spend a lot of time with a mop. That would have been futile. Oy! It's going to be an early night. Come back tomorrow for a give-away. A fabric give-away, not a puppy give-away - no matter how tempting ;) KIDDING!



pdudgeon said...

awwwww, those two pups look soooo happy! so nice of you to pet sit and give them a chance to play together.

Lisa said...

Oooh how fun, two young'uns to help you keep the floors clean.

Sandra Henderson said...

Ahhhh... so sweet! I can see all your windows now. lol Love how they go up to them to look out and leave their marks. tee hee
You'l be awakened by waggin tails. lol

WoolenSails said...

I wish my dog would get along with other dogs like that. They look so sweet together.


Quilt Enthusiast said...

You have your hands full puppy sitting. I think
it would have been fun to see your picture too
after all the puppy energy ran out of steam. You
must be a fun loving sitter.

Carrie said...

Uh oh... do you think Gibby is paying attention to Otto's shennanigans? Is he picking up pointers? Of course, given that Gibby is a Red Wings fan, he probably already knows how to bodycheck an "opponent".

By the way, notice that your Cubs swept the D'backs. An inauspicious start for our new manager.

Spice said...

Puppy play dates that last for days. Sounds like lots of fun and lots of cleaning!

My little one is giving me the "death stare".. Daddy, I want a cookie... please... I'll be your best friend...

Got to love them.

SueB said...

Oh I love it when I baby sit the dogs. It gives Zoey someone to play with. The only bad thing is when Disney goes home she looks for him for about a week. That part is sad.

Denise said...

Laurie, wonderful pictures of the dogs.
My worst houseguest was an raccoon under my house. The mate stood on my front porch with a look on his face begging for me to help get her out. I will never forget
his eyes.

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